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Basic data
Country Afghanistan
Capital Sharan
surface 19,482.4 km²
Residents 413,800 (2010/11)
density 21 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 AF-PKA
governor Aminullah Shariq
Districts in Paktika Province (as of 2005)
Districts in Paktika Province (as of 2005)

Coordinates: 32 ° 30 '  N , 68 ° 48'  E

View over the Paktika province

Paktika ( Dari and Pashtun پکتیکا) is one of 34 provinces ( velayat ) of Afghanistan .


Paktika is located in southeastern Afghanistan. Neighboring provinces are Zabul , Ghazni , Paktia and Chost (clockwise, starting in the southwest). To the east and south, Paktika borders Pakistan's northern and southern Waziristan regions . The capital of Paktika is Sharan , in the north of the province, with around 48,600 inhabitants. About half of Paktikas is mountainous.

Administrative division

Paktika is divided into 19 districts:

District Number of
Number of
Barmal 017,400 016,400 033,800
Dila ( Dila Wa Khushamand ) 012,600 011,900 024,500
Gayan ( giyan ) 017,400 016,500 033,900
Gomal 003,900 003,700 007,600
Jani Khelo 012,000 011,300 023,300
Mata Khan 012,400 011,800 024,200
Nika 006,300 005,800 012,100
Omna 006,100 005,700 011,800
Sar Hawza ( Sar Rawza ) 011,500 011,000 022,500
Sarobi ( Surubi ) 006,200 005,900 012,100
Sharan ( Paktika Center ) 024,900 023,700 048,600
Turwo 001,000 001,000 002,000
Urgun ( Urgoon ) 027,500 026,200 053,700
Waza Khwa ( Wazakhwah ) 011,500 011,000 022,500
Wor Mamay ( Wormamay ) 001,700 001,700 003,400
Yaha Khel 008,700 008,200 016,900
Yosuf Khel 006,700 006,400 013,100
Zarghun Shahr 014,900 014,200 029,100
Ziruk 43.190
total 212,300 201,500 413,800


Paktika has 413,800 inhabitants in 59,114 households. 51% are men, 49% women. 99% of the population lives in rural areas. 96% speak Pashto as their mother tongue . Uzbek is spoken in five villages with 15,000 inhabitants, and other languages ​​are spoken in four other villages with a total of 5,000 inhabitants. There are also kuchis , a nomadic population, the number of which varies in the province depending on the season. In winter 51,074 Kutschis live in Paktika, in summer only 6117. The majority of the native population are Sunnis .


In earlier times Paktika was part of the larger province of Paktia , which included the present-day provinces of Paktika, Paktia and Chost . This area is still known today by the (unofficial) name Loya Paktia . At the time of the Soviet occupation and the subsequent period of the civil wars, this area was fiercely contested.

On March 27, 2011, a suicide bomber blew himself up in Paktika. He attacked a construction company building with a car and then detonated the explosives. There were 15 dead.

On May 1, 2011, a twelve-year-old boy blew himself up in a marketplace and killed four people. He was considered one of the youngest attackers in Afghanistan.

politic and economy

Due to the remote location of the province on the border with Pakistan and the long periods of civil war, there is a significant lack of infrastructure in Paktika . Compared to other Afghan regions such as Zabul and Chost , reconstruction in Paktika after the fall of the Taliban has so far made only slow progress. This is also attributed to the remote location of the province, but also to repeated attacks on construction workers. The current governor of the province has been Mohibullah Samim since April 2010 . In 2006, Muhammad Ali Jalali, one of his predecessors, was the victim of a Taliban attack while he was in Ghazni province .

In 2008 only 85% of the residents of Paktikas had drinking water in their home town, 6% of the households had electricity, mostly from their own generators. Only 33% of the roads are open to cars all year round.

65% of households in the province make a living from agriculture, with 66% of households in rural areas having their own land. 39% keep farm animals. 5% of households earn an income through trade and services, 1% from handicrafts (carpet and jewelry production) and 1% produces opium .

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