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Roth stands for:

Roth is a geographical name:


  • Mount Roth (870 m), in the Ross Dependency, Antarctica



  • Roth , district town of the district of Roth, Middle Franconia, Bavaria




  • Burgstall Roth , abandoned castle near Roth, Markt Zapfendorf, Bamberg district, Bavaria.


  • Roth (Apfelstädt) , left tributary of the Apfelstädt, near Wandersleben, municipality of Drei Gleichen, district of Gotha, Thuringia
  • Roth (Danube) , on a section to distinguish it from its tributary Kleine Roth also Ostroth , right tributary of the Danube near Oberfahlheim, municipality of Nersingen, district of Neu-Ulm, Bavaria
  • Roth , former name of the Rot (Murg) , right upper reaches of the Murg near Roggwil, Oberaargau administrative district, Canton of Bern
  • Roth (Rednitz) , right tributary of the Rednitz, in the town of Roth, district of Roth, Bavaria
  • Roth (Zusam) , right tributary of the Zusam, near Markt Zusmarshausen, Augsburg district, Bavaria

Roth is the name of the company:

  • Roth Industries , German company
  • Roth (company) , Austrian group of companies based in Graz
  • Roth (brewery) , L. Roth private brewery, Schweinfurt, Bavaria
  • Roth & Rau , manufacturer of machines for the semiconductor industry, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Saxony
  • Carl Roth (company) , German company, sales of chemicals and laboratory supplies, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
  • Roth & Cie AG, known under the brand name Roviva , Swiss manufacturer of mattresses and bedding

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