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Denmark's regions (since 2007)

The region has been making the municipal reform in 2007 , the average level of administrative division in Denmark between municipalities and state central administration ( Staten ). It corresponds to the level NUTS 2 of the European Union .

The extent to which the regions have a communal character is controversial. According to the prevailing opinion , this is not the case, because u. a. there is no right to tax and because they have only a few, legally prescribed competencies.


Compared to the administrative districts that existed until 2007 , the competencies of the regions are clearly limited. Most of the tasks were assigned to the municipalities.

  • Regions do not raise their own taxes, but are financed through state key allocations and contributions from the municipalities.
  • Regions have no right to issue instructions to the municipalities. On the contrary, mechanisms have been introduced that enable control from below.

The main tasks of the region are v. a. Services that overwhelm the municipalities, as well as spatial planning measures .

  • Hospitals
  • Public health insurance : Financing of treatment costs for general practitioners and specialists. Since the system is purely public and tax financed, it is a public area like any other and not a health insurance in the strict sense.
  • psychiatry
  • Offers for the severely disabled
  • Development plans for nature, the environment, teaching and culture. The local authorities are responsible for the practical implementation.


location region Administrative headquarters covers the earlier areas population
Nordtjylland in Denmark.svg Nordjylland
( North Jutland )
Aalborg Nordjyllands Amt , Mariager Kommune , parts of Viborg Amt 589.936
Midtjylland in Denmark.svg Midtjylland
(Central Jutland )
Viborg Ringkjøbing Amt , Århus Amt without Mariager Municipality , parts of Viborg Amt and Vejle Amt 1,326,340
Syddanmark in Denmark.svg Syddanmark
(Southern Denmark)
Vejle Fyns Amt , Ribe Amt , Sønderjyllands Amt and parts of Vejle Amt 1,223,105
Sjælland in Denmark.svg Sjælland
( Zealand , Møn , Lolland , Falster )
Soro Roskilde Amt , Storstrøms Amt and Vestsjællands Amt 837.359
Hovedstaden in Denmark.svg Hovedstaden
( Copenhagen , North Zealand, Bornholm )
Hillerød Københavns Amt , Frederiksborg Amt , Copenhagen , Frederiksberg and Bornholm 1,846,023

As of January 1, 2020


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