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Amt ( Dan. , Pl. Amter , dt. Circle , office district ) formed from 1662 to 2007, the average level of the administrative divisions of Denmark between central office ( "state"), and local authorities . Their geographical division has been changed several times.

In 1970, the Danish counties by municipal authorities , official communities , replaced: They received a number of additional tasks, particularly in the field of welfare services. In 2007, the parliament dissolved the official communes. They were replaced by five regions , which, however, are not comparable in terms of function and competencies.


Denmark's administrative districts 1662–1793

After the introduction of absolutism , King Friedrich III. Divide Denmark into 44 administrative districts in 1662.

No. District No. District No. District
1 Åstrup, Sejlstrup, B ?? ørglum Amt 16 Koldinghus Office 31 Ringsted Office
2 Dueholm, Ørum, Vestervig Amt 17th Stjernholm Office 32 Korsør Office
3 Ålborghus Office 18th Hindsgavl Office 33 Antvorskov Office
4th Skivehus Office 19th Assen's office 34 Sorø Office
5 Mariager Monastery Office 20th Rugård Office 35 Sæbygård Office
6th Hald office 21st Odensegård Office 36 Kalundborg Office
7th Dronningborg Office 22nd Nyborg Office 37 Holbæk Office
8th Bøvling Office 23 Tranekær Office 38 Dragsholm Office
9 Lundenæs Office 24 Halsted Klosters Office 39 Jægerspris office
10 Silkeborg Office 25th Ålholm Office 40 Kronborg Office
11 Kalø Office 26th Nykøbing Office 41 Frederiksborg Office
12 Skanderborg Office 27 Møn Amt 42 Hørsholm Office
13 Havreballegård Office 28 Vordingborg Office 43 København's office
14th Åkær Office 29 Tryggevælde Office 44 Bornholm's office
15th Riberhus Office 30th Roskilde Office

Tryggevælde Amt and Vordingborg Amt were merged into Præstø Amt in 1750, to which Møn Amt was added in 1803.

For the Duchy of Schleswig, which has been in personal union since 1720, see the article Ämter und Harden in Schleswig .

Danish state, from 1793

After the formation of the entire Danish state , the districts were enlarged and re-cut in 1793. This structure was essentially retained in the kingdom until 1970. After the First World War and the referendum in Schleswig , North Schleswig returned to Denmark with the offices of Haderslev Amt , Nordborg Amt , Tønder Amt , Sønderborg Amt and Aabenraa Amt . The temporarily German part of Nordborg Amt was added to Sønderborg Amt, while Ærø remained with Svendborg.

No. District No. District No. District
01 Hjørring Office 09 Skanderborg Office (from 1824) 17th Holbæk Office
02 Thisted office 10 Vejle Office 18th Frederiksborg Office
03 Ålborg Office 11 - 19th København's office
04th Viborg Office 12 - 20th ( Roskilde Amt , 1808 to No. 19)
05 Rander's office 13 - 21st Sorø Office
06th Ringkøbing Office 14th - 22nd Præstø Amt (from 1803)
07th Ribe office 15th Odense Office 23 Maribo Office
08th Aarhus Office 16 Svendborg Office 24 Bornholm's office

The Duchy of Schleswig was annexed by Prussia in 1867 . For its administrative district structure see the article Ämter und Harden in Schleswig .

Districts 1920

Denmark's administrative districts. Snapshot 1925
No. District No. District No. District
01 Hjørring Office 09 Skanderborg Office 17th Holbæk Office
02 Thisted office 10 Vejle Office 18th Frederiksborg Office
03 Ålborg Office 11 Tønder Office 1 19th København's office
04th Viborg Office 12 Haderslev Office 1 20th (to K ?? øbenhavn's office)
05 Rander's office 13 Aabenraa Office 1,2 21st Sorø Office
06th Ringkøbing Office 14th Sønderborg Amt 1,2 22nd Præstø Office
07th Ribe office 15th Odense Office 23 Maribo Office
08th Aarhus Office 16 Svendborg Office 24 Bornholm's office
1 The establishment of these administrative districts in 1920 followed the cession of North Schleswig to Denmark.
2 Sønderborg Amt and Aabenraa Amt were partially merged in 1932 to form the Aabenraa-Sønderborg Amt .

Cities with market rights (Danish: Købstæder ) were not subordinate to the administrative districts in the administrative hierarchy , but were directly responsible to the state central administration.

Official municipalities from 1970


On April 1, 1970, the 23 districts were replaced by 14 official municipalities. The municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg exercised the relevant competencies themselves because of their special requirements ( metropolitan area ).

At the same time, this reform reduced the number of municipalities. The number of municipalities had peaked in 1965 with 1,345 (1,257 rural municipalities and 88 cities). With the municipal reform in 1970, rural communities such as cities ( Købstad ) were abolished as a municipal form. The number of now uniformly organized municipalities decreased from 1,098 to 277. In 1974 Sengeløse Kommune and Høje-Taastrup Kommune and Store Magleby Kommune and Dragør were merged to form Dragør Kommune . The number of municipalities was thus 275.

List of Danish municipalities 1970–2006
coat of arms Surname serial no.
Administrative headquarters status Geographical location Population
in km²
per km²
Københavns byvåben 1894.png Københavns Municipality
Free city
1 Copenhagen Commune East Zealand 501.158 91.3 5,489.1
Frederiksberg Commune coa.svg Frederiksbergs Kommune
Official City
2 Frederiksberg Commune Enclave in Københavns Municipality 91,855 8.7 10,560.5
København's office coa.svg København's office 3 Glostrup Office Outskirts of Copenhagen 618,529 526 1,175.9
Frederiksborg amt coa.svg Frederiksborg Office 4th Hillerød Office North Zealand 378.686 1,347 281.1
Roskilde amt coa.svg Roskilde Office 5 Roskilde Office Central Zealand 241,523 891 271
Vestsjællands amt coa.svg Vestsjællands Amt 6th Soro Office West Zealand 307.207 2,984 103
Storstrøms amt coa.svg Storstrom's Office 7th Nykøbing Office South Zealand , Lolland , Falster , Møn 262,781 3,398 77.3
Fyns amt coa.svg Fyn's office 8th Odense Office Funen , Langeland , Ærø 478,347 3,485 137.2
Sønderjyllands amt coa.svg Sønderjyllands Amt 9 Aabenraa Office South Jutland , Rømø , Alsen 252,433 3,939 64.1
Ribe amt coa.svg Ribe office 10 Ribe Office South West Jutland 224.261 3.132 71.6
Vejle amt coa.svg Vejle Office 11 Vejle Office Southeast Jutland 360.921 2,997 120.4
Ringkjøbing amt coa.svg Ringkjøbing Office 3 12 Ringkøbing Office West Jutland 275.065 4,854 56.7
Viborg amt coa.svg Viborg Office 13 Viborg Office Northwest Jutland 234,896 4.122 57
Nordjyllands amt coa.svg Nordjyllands Amt 14th Ålborg Office North Jutland 495.090 6,173 80.2
Århus amt coa.svg Aarhus Office 15th Aarhus Office Northeast Jutland 661,370 4,561 145
Bornholms regional municipality coa.svg Bornholm's office
from Jan. 1, 2003 regional commune
16 Rønne Office Bornholm Island 43,245 587 73.6
total 5,427,459 43.093 125.9
3 Ringkjøbing Amt was officially spelled differently from its administrative seat Ringkøbing .

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