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Nörvenich municipality
Coordinates: 50 ° 47 ′ 2 "  N , 6 ° 33 ′ 6"  E
Height : 140 m above sea level NHN
Area : 9.63 km²  (with Binsfeld)
Residents : 477  (May 31, 2020)
Population density : 50 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : 1st January 1969
Postal code : 52388
Area code : 02421
Local map
The place
The place

Rommelsheim is located in the municipality of Nörvenich in the Düren district , North Rhine-Westphalia .

Rommelsheim was a district of Binsfeld until January 1, 1969, when the previously independent communities of Binsfeld, Eggersheim, Eschweiler via Feld, Frauwüllesheim, Hochkirchen, Irresheim, Nörvenich, Oberbolheim, Poll and Rath bei Nörvenich merged to form the new community of Nörvenich . Rommelsheim includes the Bubenheim station on the Bördebahn , Gut Bubenheim, Bubenheim Castle (it was named Castle of the Month in June 2002 ) and Scheidtweilerhof, which refers to the submerged hamlet of Scheidtweiler .

In recent years, the small town has become known for the Bubenheimer Spieleland with the corn maze.

The small Ellebach , which rises at Kreuzau - Stockheim and flows into the Rur at Jülich, flows through the middle of the village .

School system

The first school in the village was opened at Easter 1888 (earlier a school year lasted from Easter to Easter). Heinrich Schaßmann was named as the first teacher in 1890, who stayed until 1898. Teacher Bonn followed him. On January 1, 1903, the teacher Hermann Katz came. Friedrich Schmitz was already in service on October 1, 1906 and stayed until February 16, 1907. Franz Drechsler was his successor from February 16, 1907, presumably until April 1, 1914. Then came Wilhelm Eden, who later received his doctorate. He stayed until April 1, 1934, interrupted from his military service , from August 2, 1914 to 1918. During this period of World War I , Eiden was represented by Heinrich Kirchgen from Binsfeld (August 1914 to?), Anna Piret (May 1, 1917 bis?), Josephine Engels (July 1, 1918 bis?). Wilhelm Eiden was expelled by the occupying forces in 1923 . As a result, he was represented by Werner Schiffer from September 17, 1918 to August 15, 1924. August Schiffer represented the sick Dr. Oaths from April 14, 1928 to May 15, 1929. Daniel Berg followed on August 1, 1929, who in turn was followed by teacher Peter Engels from April 1, 1930 to June 20, 1931. Erich Witt taught from June 15, 1931 to March 31, 1932. He was followed by Christe Gaspers (April 1, 1932 to February 28, 1934), Maria Erbel (March 1, 1934 to March 31, 1934). Anton Seven came on April 1, 1934, and went Easter 1948 in the retirement . Maria Wallmeyer was employed as a teacher from April 1, 1934 and Margot von Eyß taught from April 1, 1935. At the same time, Gertrud Esser was working in the Catholic elementary school . After the Second World War , Franziska Sieben taught from October 1, 1948. Erwin Quester, who later became the principal of the Eschweiler über Feld elementary school , was a teacher in Rommelsheim from November 1, 1951 to 1972. During this time, Hildegard Mahlberg taught there from April 1963 to August 1972. Josef Claßen was only active for a short time, from 1967 to November 30, 1968. Christa Weber taught from February 1, 1970 to August 1, 1970 and from 1. August 1971 to August 1, 1976.

In 1973 the Catholic elementary school in Rommelsheim was closed. The building was used as a branch of the Eschweiler primary school via Feld until 1976. After that, the work level of the special needs school of the Christophorus School from Düren was housed in the new school for years . The old school temporarily served as a shelter for the homeless. Today both school buildings are privately owned.

Population development of the district

Population development
year population   year population   year population
1975 469   1985 461   1995 516
2005 544   2010 520   2015 496

(The place belonged to Binsfeld as a district until 1969)


Stop Nörvenich-Rommelsheim

The Nörvenich-Rommelsheim stop on the Bördebahn is just outside the settlement . Trains of the RB 28 have stopped here every day since December 2019.

line Line course Tact
RB 28 Eifel-Bördebahn :
Euskirchen  - Nemmenich  - Zülpich  - Vettweiß  - Vettweiß-Jakobwüllesheim  - Nörvenich-Rommelsheim  - Nörvenich-Binsfeld  - Düren
Status: timetable change December 2019
120 min  (weekdays)
180 min  (weekends and holidays)


Outside the Honschaft is the former Bubenheim train station. In the 1970s, the tanks from the tank barracks in Düren (today Automeile) were loaded onto railway wagons via transportable ramps and, for example, brought to maneuvers. This made journeys through the city center to the concrete loading ramp at Düren station superfluous. In this way, major traffic obstructions from the tank columns were avoided.

The station building has not been used since 1982. Until a few years ago, the upper floor in the train station was still rented as an apartment. The building was sold to the Buir-Bliesheimer Agrargenossenschaft and later demolished (2014).

Special train at Hp Bubenheim - 2007

The Bubenheimer Spieleland stop was next to the former train station. From 2010 to 2019 passenger trains of the Bördebahn stopped here.

Architectural monuments

Soil monuments


Individual evidence

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