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Mission emblem
Mission emblem STS-28
Mission dates
Mission: STS-28
COSPAR-ID : 1989-061A
Crew: 5
Begin: August 8, 1989, 12:37:00  UTC
Starting place: Kennedy Space Center , LC-39B
Landing: August 13, 1989, 13:37:08 UTC
Landing place: Edwards Air Force Base , Runway 17
Flight duration: 5d 1h 0m 8s
Earth orbits: 81
Track height: 306 km
Orbit inclination : 57.0 °
Covered track: 3.3 million km
Payload: Secret satellites
Team photo
v.  l.  No.  Richard Richards, Mark Brown, Brewster Shaw, James Adamson, David Leestma
v. l. No. Richard Richards, Mark Brown, Brewster Shaw, James Adamson, David Leestma
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STS-28 ( english S pace T ransportation S ystem ) is a mission designation for the US Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102) NASA . The start of the 30th space shuttle mission took place on August 8, 1989. It was the eighth flight of the Columbia space shuttle.


Mission overview

The mission started as scheduled on August 8, 1989. The Columbia space shuttle began its first flight since the Challenger disaster in January 1986. STS-28 was the fourth mission on behalf of the US Department of Defense and its purpose was therefore subject to confidentiality.

Two military satellites were deployed during the flight. One could have been a communications satellite within the Satellite Data System (SDS).

The landing took place on August 13, 1989 at Edwards Air Force Base in California . During the re-entry into the atmosphere, unexpectedly high temperatures were measured on the heat shield. The reason for this was probably protruding filler strips.

The orbiter was transported back to the launch site in Florida eight days later by the shuttle carrier aircraft .

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