Battle of Hoyerswerda

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Battle of Hoyerswerda
Part of: Seven Years War
date September 25, 1759
place at Hoyerswerda
output Victory of the Prussians
Parties to the conflict

Prussia KingdomKingdom of Prussia Prussia

Holy Roman Empire 1400Holy Roman Empire Habsburg ( Austria , Imperial )


Heinrich of Prussia

General Franz von Vehla

Troop strength
4,000 3,000


600 dead and wounded and 1,813 prisoners

The Battle of Hoyerswerda was a minor battle of the Seven Years War . On September 25, 1759, the Prussian armed forces under the leadership of Prince Heinrich of Prussia defeated the Austrian General Vehla on the Black Elster near Hoyerswerda .

The armed forces of Prussia advancing from the east in a 50-hour forced march through enemy territory surprised the Hungarian infantry corps , which was supported by Croatian regiments and artillery , stood on the westernmost flank of the northwestern front and therefore hardly expected attacks. Units under General Lentulus pushed forward through a forest and attacked the enemy from the front and behind. 600 Austrians fell, their army was dispersed. General Vehla was imprisoned with 28 officers and 1,785 men.

A memorial stone with a plaque in Bleichgässchen in the old town of Hoyerswerda commemorates this battle.


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