His great victory

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Original title His great victory
Country of production GDR
original language German
Publishing year 1952
length 87 minutes
Director Franz Barrenstein
script Alexander Lösche ,
Hermann von Rohde
production DEFA studio for feature films (Potsdam-Babelsberg)
music Gottfried Madjera
camera Willi Kuhle
cut Lieselotte Johl

His great victory is a DDR -Kinofilm the DEFA of 1952 . It tells the story of the mechanic and cyclist Hans Nettermann in divided Berlin in the early 1950s.


In East Berlin , Hans Nettermann works as a designer in the bicycle factory "Komet". In the company sports community , he is the favorite of road drivers. His dream is to take part in a stand-up race one day. When he got the chance to turn his hobby into his profession, he was persuaded to go to West Berlin . Although Hans has sporting success, he is disappointed by the criminal machinations in professional sports there. This is how his newly wedded wife Marianne manages to persuade him to return to East Berlin. In the end he wins the first amateur stand-up race in the GDR.

Production and publication

The black and white film was shot under the working title His big start . It was created in the Atelier Berlin-Johannisthal with exterior shots from Dresden as well as Chemnitz and the surrounding area and had its premiere on August 8th in the Babylon cinema in Berlin and in the DEFA-Filmtheater Kastanienallee . It was first broadcast on German television on April 16, 1955.


Before the respective premiere, GDR films were mostly checked by commissions for the correct ideology. As a result, there were frequent follow-ups. It so happened that films were mostly not released for premieres for months and sometimes longer than a year. In this film, too, there was a subsequent correction to the plot:

“In 'His big victory', Claus Holm had to give up as a racing cyclist due to a broken axle. 'Should the bike be from the GDR?' Asked an angry cultural functionary after the internal demonstration. It could not be denied that the failing vehicle came from the state-owned bicycle factory 'Komet', which plays an important role in the film. 'Something like that shouldn't happen to one of our bikes,' decided the functionary. A scene that was satisfactorily motivating for the accident was shot. It shows how a western agent treacherously files the racing bike at night. "

- The Mirror (1953)

Rolf Ludwig , later one of the most popular and busiest actors in the GDR, made his first cinema appearance here in a supporting role as a reporter. The main actor Claus Holm has been in the racing scenes from Erfurt Radsportle r Rudi Keil gedoubelt.


In the Neue Zeit , Horst J. Nachtweih remarked:

“This film is a beginning, it is by no means perfect. The script in particular has flaws that could have been avoided with a careful study of the individual milieus. As here, no worker, and especially no manager, behaves when they learn that their best fitter wants to go to the West. Even with the bride Marianne you can't get rid of the impression. as if she were glad to be rid of her Hans. It is clearly noticeable that there was a lack of cooperation with the working population or that the experience was neglected in favor of the film. "

The Lexicon of International Films writes:

"Sports film with a clear propaganda intention."


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