Until that time at Unter Linden

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Original title Until that time at Unter Linden
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1958
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Willi Kollo
script Willi Kollo
production Willi Kollo
music Willi Kollo,
Paul Lincke
camera Wolf Goethe
cut Hermann Ludwig,
Ilse Voigt

Solang noch Unterst Linden is a music film by Willi Kollo that tells the life story of his father, the popular Berlin operetta composer Walter Kollo . The film premiered on July 25, 1958 in the Ufa Pavilion . On the occasion of Walter Kollo's 125th birthday, the film was released on DVD in 2003. To mark the 80th year of Walter Kollo's death, the film was re-released in 2019 in digitized form for cinematograph, television and DVD.


Walter Kollo initially studied music in Sondershausen and Königsberg and lived in Berlin from 1906, where he composed chansons and couplets . He finally got a job as Kapellmeister and resident composer at the “ Berliner Theater ”, which he directed from 1910 to 1918. In 1913, his operetta As once in May was an overwhelming success. Strengthened in his financial position, Kollo marries Marie Preuss, who appears as a dance soubrette with the stage name Mizzi Josetti. His dance songs become popular hits. His son, the later composer and author Willi Kollo, writes many libretti and song texts.


The lexicon of international film ruled that the film would have been "badly than well put together as a family production by Kollo's son and grandchildren, apart from the musical qualities [...]".

The contemporary criticism of the Spiegel criticized, for the play scenes "not only the studio space was too tight, but also the biography of Walter Kollo too piously curtailed". However, it was praised that “almost everyone who is not called Kollo in this film shows talent and wit”.

The criticism of the MusikWoche said that Willi Kollo “captured the Berlin atmosphere from the beginning of the century to the Nazi era”. "Numerous evergreens [...] artfully" are woven into the "film shot with great attention to detail".

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