Mirror image (EP)

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Mirror image
Extended play from Unheilig


July 25, 2008



Label (s) Four.Rock Entertainment

Format (s)

CD , digital

Genre (s)

Electro - rock

Title (number)


running time


  • The Graf : compositions, texts, instrumentation, arrangements, programming and singing
  • Christoph Termühlen ("Licky"): guitar


Henning publishers

Shadow play
Mirror image Puppet show live - curtain up!

Reflection of the fifth is Extended Play of the German rock - band Unholy . The music and lyrics of the songs come from the Count, it was produced by Henning Verlage. The album was first released on July 25, 2008 in Germany. On the cover of the EP, next to the well-known Unheilig lettering, a doll can be seen, which is framed by a broken mirror. The album was released under the label Four.Rock Entertainment.


Spiegelbild is an EP that serves as a bonus to the previous studio album Puppet Show. It contains seven songs, three of which were previously unreleased. The Spiegelbild EP is an album limited to 3,333 units. Entry to the chart was denied due to the limitation.

Track list

  1. Mirror Image (Extended Version) - 7:03
  2. Spiegelbild ( Krupps Remix) - 5:09
  3. Sleepless - 4:18
  4. The old lyre - 4:18
  5. Witch Hunt - 4:22
  6. By your side (orchestral version) - 6:13
  7. Mirror image - 5:36

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