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Susanne Amrain (born March 1, 1943 in Darmstadt ; † June 2008 ) was a German literary scholar , translator , writer and publisher . She founded Daphne Verlag in Göttingen in 1984 and ran it until her death in 2008.

Live and act

Susanne Amrain first worked as an actress , then studied English and German in Heidelberg and Göttingen . She wrote her dissertation in 1983 on love fantasies and images of women of the English romantics and became Dr. phil. PhD.

In 1984 Susanne Amrain founded Daphne Verlag in Göttingen . The publishing program included predominantly feminist and lesbian literature, in particular novels , lesbian thrillers , non-fiction and comics by authors such as Traude Bührmann , Renate Zeiss , Betty Kurtzweil and Alison Bechdel .
When asked why she founded her own publishing house specializing in this area, Amrain replied:

“... out of envy of the English women who had meters of lesbian literature in the women's bookstore Silver Moon in London, and for us
it was only 24 centimeters. Something had to happen. "

- Susanne Amrain : Quote in a press release from the Krug & Schadenberg publishing house

In addition to her work as a publisher, Amrain also worked as a translator of feminist literature from English into German . She was also co- author of several volumes in the series “Wahnsinnsfrauen” by Luise F. Pusch . The focus of her literary work was formed by the biographies of extraordinary women, mostly living in lesbian relationships. Her biography of Virginia Woolf and her partner Vita Sackville-West , published in 1998, was her greatest literary success.

Occasionally Susanne Amrain gave lectures on literary or feminist topics. At the opening of the Schücking Museum in the Emsland community of Sögel , she gave the keynote lecture entitled “Looking for Violets in October” on the poet Katharina Sibylla Schücking in May 1997 . At a lecture series at the University of Magdeburg on the topic of women's and gender research in October 2000, the topic of her lecture was “The poor Harriet. A Woman's Life in English Romanticism ”.

Susanne Amrain was active in the women's movement for many years. In April 1986, at a meeting in her publishing house, the idea of ​​founding the first and to date (2016) only German review magazine for women's literature arose . At Amrain's suggestion, the magazine was named Virginia .

In 2003, Susanne Amrain was one of the founding donors of the Archive of the German Women's Movement Foundation .

Susanne Amrain died unexpectedly in spring 2008. Nothing was known about the circumstances of her death.
Your publishing house has been run by the Berlin publishing house Krug & Schadenberg , which specializes in feminist literature , since 2011 .

Publications (selection)

Own works

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Participation as a translator

  • Elizabeth Lang, Susanne Amrain (translator): Anna . Daphne, Göttingen 1984, ISBN 978-3-89137-001-8 .
  • Lesbian History Group (Ed.), Susanne Amrain u. Katharina cap (translator): ... and they loved each other! Lesbian Women in History, 1840–1985. Daphne, Göttingen 1991, ISBN 978-3-89137-010-0 .
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  • Sarah Waters (author), Susanne Amrain ( transl . ): The mussel opener . Krug & Schadenberg, Berlin 2011, ISBN 978-3-930041-80-0 .


In 2011, the 50th volume of the publications of the LWL Literature Commission for Westphalia with the title Zimmer was released: Ten museum designs for Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. New ways of the literature exhibition dedicated to the memory of Susanne Amrain.

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