Underworld: evolution

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German title Underworld: evolution
Original title Underworld: evolution
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 102 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 14
Director Len Wiseman
script Len Wiseman,
Danny McBride
production Gary Lucchesi ,
David Coatsworth ,
Tom Rosenberg ,
Richard S. Wright
music Marco Beltrami
camera Simon Duggan
cut Nicolas De Toth

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Underworld: Awakening

Underworld: Evolution is an American action / horror film released in 2006 and the sequel to Len Wiseman's first directorial film Underworld from 2003, starring Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman .


The blood-sucking "death trader" Selene and her companion, the werewolf-vampire hybrid Michael Corvin, have been on the run from Marcus, the Budapest underworld , when Selene broke away from her clan and killed its leader Viktor most powerful vampire lords. The forefather of all vampires was awakened rather by accident when the blood of a Lycan henchman dripped into his grave. On his escape, Michael learns more and more about his new existence and the powers that go with it; he even takes on Marcus when he tracks them down and escapes with Selene's help. Michael can find a safe shelter just in time, because the light of the rising sun threatens to kill Selene; In their hiding place the two hunted find time for a romantic “night”.

A little later they learn from the exiled vampire chronicler Tanis that Marcus' brother William, the progenitor of the werewolves , has been held captive by Viktor for centuries and that Marcus now wants to free him so that both can rule over a new generation of hybrids. To do this, however, he needs two parts of a mechanical key, which are now in the possession of Selene and Alexander Corvinus - and the location of the sarcophagus in which William was locked.

Selene and Michael contact Alexander Corvinus, the first immortal and father of Marcus, Williams, and Michael's human ancestors. He tells them the story of his family, how his sons became murderous beasts and how he spent endless centuries as the head of a secret organization trying to contain the damage they caused. Then they are interrupted by Marcus, who attacks Selene and Michael. Corvinus is subsequently seriously wounded and Michael is apparently killed. Marcus tastes Selene's blood and learns from the memories transferred with it where Williams' prison is; Selene is the only one who knows the place because her murdered father was the builder. After Marcus' disappearance, she receives his blood from the dying Corvinus, which increases her powers and knowledge.

After Marcus got the key through the attack and knew the location of the prison, he freed his brother William. With the help of Corvinus' loyal task force, Selene tries to kill them. William succeeds in defeating the team, and its members turn into bloodthirsty werewolves. While Selene is now leading a hopeless fight against Marcus, William and a whole horde of werewolves, Michael, believed to be dead, comes to her aid. Together they defeat their opponents: Selene pushes Marcus into the rotor of a helicopter and Michael tears William's lower jaw out.

Shortly afterwards the first sunlight falls on Selene through the collapsed ceiling of the prison - she and Michael are amazed to find that it can no longer harm her; the blood of Alexander Corvinus changed them. So they both look into the sunrise, and Selene explains that she is now more optimistic about the future.



  • The shooting lasted 71 days, and while the first part was still being shot in Hungary , this time production was relocated to Canada .
  • The shooting was characterized by the marriage of director Len Wiseman and leading actress Kate Beckinsale; the actress's chair read "My Sweetheart" instead of her name.
  • Kate Beckinsale's daughter plays the young Selene in this film and also in the third part.
  • In several retrospectives, the relationships between the villains are explained, and the story of her becoming a vampire, told by Selene in the first part, is presented. This is explained in detail in the book Underworld: Blutfeind , which represents the official history of the film and appeared in German bookstores at the same time as the German cinema release. The book was written by Greg Cox and it was published by Panini Verlag in 2006 .

Start dates and box office results

Underworld: Evolution had its US theatrical release on January 20, 2006. The weekend box office was from Friday to Sunday 26.9 million US dollars . This placed this film on the first place of the US theatrical releases this weekend.

The cinema release in Germany took place on March 2nd, 2006. The theatrical release in Switzerland was also planned for March 2, 2006, but was canceled at short notice. After exclusive, one-off screenings in one cinema each in Zurich and Bern on March 31, 2006 were sold out within a very short time, the cinema release in Switzerland finally took place on April 20, 2006.


The soundtrack of the same name for the film was released in February 2006. The composer was Marco Beltrami .

  1. Crawl
  2. Ol 'Timey Music
  3. William Captured
  4. Previously ...
  5. Safehouse 2 Crypt
  6. Stay
  7. Corvin's Cruisin 'Crypt
  8. Morgue Medallion
  9. Mike to Tavern
  10. Mikey Doesn't Like It
  11. Cue de Cilantro
  12. Trunkin '
  13. Marcus Trumpped
  14. Marcus hits snooze
  15. Beware of Dog
  16. Shot glass
  17. Family values
  18. Marcus Taps Tannis
  19. Patricide
  20. Alexander Can Help


The lexicon of international films judged: "The attempt to merge two original myths of horror literature fails due to technical inability and intellectual ignorance."

Cinema wrote: "Acceptable gothic spectacle that distracts from the bombastic romantic subplot with successful action interludes and convincing monster effects."


After Underworld and Underworld: Evolution had been financially successful, a prequel third part was produced. He goes back several centuries in the plot and deals with the origins of the feud between vampires and Lycans and the relationship between Lucian and Victor's daughter Sonja.
In February 2009, the third part came under the name Underworld - Uprising of the Lycans in German cinemas.

A fourth film has now been produced. Kate Beckinsale took up her role as Selene again, and Len Wiseman worked again as a producer.
The fourth film Underworld: Awakening came to German cinemas on February 2, 2012. In 2016, the fifth part of the series, Underworld: Blood Wars, was released .

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