Vamps - dating with a bite

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German title Vamps - dating with a bite
Original title Vamps
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2012
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Amy Heckerling
script Amy Heckerling
production Maria Teresa Arida ,
Adam Brightman ,
Stuart Cornfeld ,
Molly Hassell ,
Laura Versel
music David Kitay
camera Tim Suhrstedt
cut Debra Chiate

Vamps - Dating with Bite (Original title: Vamps ) is an American comedy film from 2012 by Amy Heckerling . Alicia Silverstone , Krysten Ritter and Sigourney Weaver can be seen as vampires in the lead roles .


Stacy and Goody are two vampires who live in New York City . Goody was turned into a vampire by the vampire queen Ciccerus in 1841. She struggled with her life as a vampire until Stacy was also transformed by Ciccerus in the early 1990s and the two became friends. Both feed on rat blood.

One day Goody runs into her ex-boyfriend Danny, whom she hasn't seen since the 1960s. When Danny learns that Goody is a vampire, she can finally explain to him why she left him back then because she didn't want to stand in his way to build a life with someone. This encounter lets Goody feel once more how much she struggles with her life as a vampire.

Meanwhile, Stacy begins a relationship with college student Joey. She soon learns that Joey is the son of the notorious vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing is on the hunt for Vampire Queen Ciccerus. When Joey learns that Stacy is a vampire, he still wants to keep the relationship - and Stacy eventually becomes pregnant. Goody explains to her that the only way for their baby to survive is if Stacy becomes human again.

Goody knows that destroying the vampire who made her would make her human again and return to her real age. So she decides to give up her vampire life in favor of Stacy's pregnancy and asks Dr. Van Helsing for help in killing Ciccerus. After a fight they manage to kill the vampire queen. Stacy and Goody, now human again, instantly age to their real age. Goody would have already died as a person, so that she only has a few moments to live in her new form. Joey and Stacy accompany her to Times Square , where Goody remembers her life again. When the sun rises it crumbles to ashes.

A few years later, Stacy and Joey are seen at Dr. Van Helsing with their daughter, whom they named after Goody. When Van Helsing is playing with his granddaughter, he notices that the little girl has vampire canine teeth.


Director Amy Heckerling and actors Alicia Silverstone and Wallace Shawn worked for the comedy film Clueless - What Else! together.

The shooting took place in 2010, but the film was only released in limited numbers in American cinemas on November 2, 2012. In Germany the film premiered on August 25, 2012 at the Fantasy Filmfest and was released directly on DVD and Blu-ray on April 26, 2013 .

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