Election to the constitutional assembly in Iran 1979

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The election to the Constitutional Assembly of Iran took place on August 3, 1979. In Iran, the assembly was also known as the "assembly of experts " and its task was to work out a new Iranian constitution. 73 seats were planned for this meeting, for which 428 people applied and were approved by the Revolutionary Council. The election was boycotted by the National Front and other political groups.


Eligible voters 20,857,391
Voters 10,784,932
voter turnout 51.71%

The election was clearly won by the Islamic Republican Party , among the 73 elected members were 55 mujahids ( mullahs ). The highest-ranking cleric was Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri , the most prominent non- cleric was the future President of Iran, Abū l-Hasan Banīsadr . The members elected Mahmud Taleghani as chairman of the meeting of experts , who died a month later under unexplained circumstances.

The meeting of experts for the drafting of the new Iranian constitution was dissolved when the referendum on the constitution began on December 2, 1979.

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