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Georg Wilhelm von Zahn (born March 19, 1839 in Leipzig ; † June 13, 1904 there ) was a German mathematician , physicist and educator .


Von Zahn studied physics and mathematics with Hermann Hankel at the University of Leipzig . He became an employee of Gustav Theodor Fechner and made observations on binocular vision with Nies , which were published in the work About some conditions of binocular vision (Fechner 1860). Von Zahn became Dr. phil. PhD. In 1859/60 he became an honorary member of the Wartburg Leipzig fraternity .

From 1864 he taught at the Thomas School in Leipzig under Friedrich August Eckstein . Like his colleague Karl Heym , he taught mathematics and physics (including scientific and astronomical subjects). In 1876 he interrupted his work to accept an assistantship at the Physikalisches Kabinett at the University of Rostock . In 1885 he was appointed grammar school professor and from 1889 he held the post of vice rector under Emil Jungmann . In 1869 he belonged to a commission of three subject teachers (with Heinrich Richard Baltzer ( Kreuzschule Dresden) and Wilibald Schmidt ( Fürstenschule Grimma )) to assess the regulation of mathematical and physical teaching according to the regulations for the Saxon grammar schools (Dresden, 1870). He was a member of the Natural Research Society in Leipzig and since 1869 of the Physical Society in Berlin .

Wilhelm von Zahn's grave

Von Zahn was married to Luise Katharina Hemilian (1845–1917), the daughter of the German lithographer Gustav Hemilian , from Saint Petersburg . Their son was the later lawyer Karl von Zahn (1877-1944). Von Zahn was buried in the Leipzig- Plagwitz cemetery .


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