Acqua & Sapone

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Acque & Sapone
Logo Acqua & Sapone.svg
Team data
UCI code ASA
nationality ItalyItaly Italy
License Professional Continental Team
operator Abruzzo Team srl
First season 2004
Last season 2012
discipline Street
Wheel manufacturer Focus
Team manager ItalyItaly Bruno Cenghialta
Sportl. ladder ItalyItaly Franco Gini
Name story
Years Surname
Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo
Acqua & Sapone-Adria Mobil
Acqua & Sapone
Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo
Acqua & Sapone-D'Angelo & Antenucci
Acqua & Sapone
Acque & Sapone jersey

Acqua & Sapone was an Italian cycling team .

The team was founded in 2002. Since 2005 she has participated in the UCI Continental Circuits and had the status of a Professional Continental Team . Among other things, she received an invitation to tour Lombardy .

At the end of the 2012 season, the team was disbanded. The main sponsor withdrew after the team was not invited to the Giro d'Italia .

2012 season

Success in the UCI Europe Tour

date run Cat. winner
May 19th FranceFrance4th stage Circuit de Lorraine 2.1 ItalyItaly Danilo Napolitano
May 27th BelgiumBelgium5th stage Tour of Belgium 2.HC ColombiaColombia Carlos Betancur
2th of June ItalyItaly Trofeo Melinda 1.1 ColombiaColombia Carlos Betancur
June 22 CroatiaCroatia Croatian Championship - Individual Time Trial CN CroatiaCroatia Vladimir Miholjević
June 24th CroatiaCroatia Croatian championship - road racing CN CroatiaCroatia Vladimir Miholjević
2nd July AustriaAustria2nd stage tour of Austria 2.HC ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
5th July AustriaAustria5th stage tour of Austria 2.HC ItalyItaly Fabio Taborre
July 14th ItalyItaly Gran Premio Nobili Rubinetterie - Coppa Città di Stresa 1.1 ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
22nd of July BelgiumBelgium2nd stage Tour de Wallonie 2.HC ItalyItaly Danilo Napolitano
24th July BelgiumBelgium4th stage Tour de Wallonie 2.HC ItalyItaly Danilo Napolitano
July 25th BelgiumBelgium5th stage Tour de Wallonie 2.HC ItalyItaly Danilo Napolitano
7th of September ItalyItaly5th stage Giro di Padania 2.1 ColombiaColombia Carlos Betancur

Disposals - additions

Accesses Team 2011 Departures Team 2012
ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca Katusha team ColombiaColombia Cayetano Sarmiento Liquigas-Cannondale
ItalyItaly Francesco Reda Quick Step ItalyItaly Alessandro Proni Farnese Vini-Selle Italia
ItalyItaly Francesco Ginanni Androni Giocattoli-CIPI TunisiaTunisia Rafaâ Chtioui Team Europcar
ItalyItaly Daniele Scampamorte Neoprofi


Surname birthday nationality Team 2013
Carlos Betancur October 13, 1989 ColombiaColombia Colombia Ag2r
Paolo Ciavatta November 6, 1984 ItalyItaly Italy
Massimo Codol February 27, 1973 ItalyItaly Italy
Claudio Corioni December 26, 1982 ItalyItaly Italy
Danilo Di Luca 2nd January 1976 ItalyItaly Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
Francesco Di Paolo April 18, 1982 ItalyItaly Italy
Alessandro Donati May 8, 1979 ItalyItaly Italy ASD Team Kyklos Abruzzo
Stefano Garzelli July 16, 1973 ItalyItaly Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
Francesco Ginanni October 6, 1985 ItalyItaly Italy
Ruggero Marzoli April 2, 1976 ItalyItaly Italy End of career
Andrea Masciarelli 2nd September 1982 ItalyItaly Italy Utensilnord
Simone Masciarelli 2nd January 1980 ItalyItaly Italy Utensilnord
Vladimir Miholjević 18th January 1974 CroatiaCroatia Croatia End of career
Danilo Napolitano January 31, 1981 ItalyItaly Italy Accent Jobs-Wanty
Francesco Reda 19th November 1982 ItalyItaly Italy Androni Giocattoli Venezuela
Daniele Scampamorte July 15, 1986 ItalyItaly Italy Utensilnord
Fabio Taborre 5th June 1985 ItalyItaly Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
Trainees nationality
Steve Bekaert BelgiumBelgium Belgium
Stefano Di Carlo ItalyItaly Italy

Placements in UCI rankings

UCI world rankings

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2004 3. ItalyItaly Rinaldo Nocentini (104.)

UCI Africa Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2009 - -
2010 8th. TunisiaTunisia Rafaâ Chtioui (36.)
2011 - -
2012 - -

UCI Asia Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2007 16.
2009 - -
2010 - -
2011 - -
2012 - -

UCI Europe Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2005 12. ItalyItaly Ruggero Marzoli (4th)
2006 1. ItalyItaly Rinaldo Nocentini (3rd)
2007 19th ItalyItaly Giuseppe Palumbo (92nd)
2008 1. ItalyItaly Stefano Garzelli (2nd)
2009 13. ItalyItaly Luca Paolini (7th)
2010 26th ItalyItaly Luca Paolini (19.)
2011 20th ItalyItaly Fabio Taborre (22.)
2012 3. ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca (5th)

UCI World Calendar

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2009 15th ItalyItaly Stefano Garzelli (26.)
2010 23. ItalyItaly Stefano Garzelli (38th)

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  1. Acqua e Sapone is dissolved on v. October 7, 2012