District Court of Göppingen

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The district court of Göppingen is a court of ordinary jurisdiction . It is one of four local courts (AG) in the district of the Ulm Regional Court .

Seat and District of the Court

The seat of the court is the large district town of Göppingen . The judicial district includes the cities and communities of Adelberg , Aichelberg , Albershausen , Bad Boll , Birenbach , Börtlingen , Dürnau , Ebersbach an der Fils , Eislingen / Fils , Eschenbach , Gammelshausen , Göppingen, Hattenhofen , Heiningen , Ottenbach , Rechberghausen , Salach , Schlat , Schlierbach , Uhingen , Wangen , Wäschenbeuren and Zell unter Aichelberg . Around 165,000 people live in it.

As a youth lay judge , bankruptcy and auction court , the AG Göppingen is also responsible for the district of the Geislingen district court . The commercial register is kept by the Ulm District Court . Dunning proceedings are handled by the Stuttgart District Court as the central dunning court .


The court is housed together with the notary's office in Göppingen Castle . The Renaissance building is a listed building .

Superior courts

The District Court of Ulm is superordinate to the District Court of Göppingen . The competent higher regional court is the higher regional court in Stuttgart .

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