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Anatol Count of Bigot de Saint-Quentin (1904)

Anatol Graf von Bigot de Saint-Quentin , (born March 7, 1849 in Vienna , † September 11, 1932 in Jadova , Kingdom of Romania ) was the Imperial and Royal Chamberlain and Real Privy Councilor , Chief Chamberlain of Archduke Friedrich , Lieutenant Field Marshal , and then General of the Cavalry from the family Bigot de Saint-Quentin .


Anatol von Bigot de Saint-Quentin was the son of the kk major August (born March 20, 1804 in Radom ), who died during the Hungarian revolt in the battle near Csucsa (Ciucea) on December 19, 1848, and Henriette Freiin von Podstatzki-Prussinowitz and Thonsern (* July 11, 1816 in Brno ; † March 30, 1903 in Brandeis on the Elbe (Brandýs nad Labem) ) and nephew of the cavalry general Karl von Bigot de Saint-Quentin .

After his appointment as an officer candidate, he was taken over on May 1, 1869 as a lieutenant in the kuk dragoon regiment Prinz Eugen von Savoyen No. 13 of the field marshal lieutenant Baron Dobrženský von Dobrženitz . In 1883 he was awarded the dignity of kuk chamberlain as Rittmeister.

After three and a half years as adjutant to the wing of Emperor Franz Joseph I , he was transferred to the 11th Dragoon Regiment on November 1, 1895 as an interim division commander. In 1897 he was appointed as a lieutenant colonel in command of the Kuk Bohemian Dragoon Regiment “Duke of Lorraine” No. 7 and was promoted to colonel six months later. On March 17, 1903, he was appointed Chief Chamberlain to Archduke Friedrich von Österreich-Teschen , who later became Field Marshal , and at the same time was awarded the dignity of a Privy Councilor.

On May 1, 1904, he advanced to major general. On the occasion of Archduke Friedrich's visit to London, which he accompanied in his court office, he was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Order of Victoria on June 11, 1904.

Soon afterwards, on May 1, 1908, he was appointed field marshal lieutenant, and finally on January 1, 1913, on the occasion of his retirement, he was appointed titular general of the cavalry.

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Helene born by Flondor (1900)

He settled in the Duchy of Bukovina, married on July 3, 1898 in Chernivtsi (Cernăuţi) Helene von Flondor (1866–1930), great-granddaughter of the knight Nikolaus von Wassilko , who had brought the estate Mega into the marriage and bought the estate, among other things Zadowa (Jadova) from his wife's cousin, Iancu von Gojan (Goian). With her he had three children Douglas (1899-1982), Desideria and Friedrich (1906-2000). With the childless sons, the sex died out in the male line. His daughter Desideria (* July 2, 1900 in Brandeis on the Elbe; † March 15, 1999 in Vienna) married Franz Emil Joseph Ludwig (1888–1983), son of the director of the manor house Joseph Ludwig Count Marenzi von Tagliuno and Talgate and continued the sex on the feminine line.


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