Arzheim (Landau)

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Former Arzheim municipal coat of arms
Coordinates: 49 ° 11 ′ 37 ″  N , 8 ° 4 ′ 7 ″  E
Height : 201 m above sea level NHN
Area : 6.06 km²
Residents : 1425  (December 31, 2015)
Population density : 235 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : April 22, 1972
Postal code : 76829
Area code : 06341
Location of Arzheim within the city of Landau in the Palatinate
The village of Arzheim
The village of Arzheim

Arzheim is a district of Landau in the Palatinate in Rhineland-Palatinate .


Arzheim is located in the west of the city of Landau in the Palatinate in the Weinstrasse region . The Ranschbach runs north of the settlement area in an east-west direction . The Kleine Kalmit, a designated nature reserve, is located in the south-west of the district . There is also a natural monument, the Kühungerbrunnen, not far from the boundary to the local community of Ranschbach .


The first documentary evidence can be found in 1250 in the Speyer necrology book as Arbotsheim . From time to time the place belonged to the Leininger Kämmerlehen . Arzheim belonged to the rule of the Madenburg , in which the Speyer prince-bishops took over the ownership until the middle of the 14th century and held this until the end of the 18th century, but the community was already under French sovereignty in 1765.

From 1798 to 1814, when the Palatinate was part of the French Republic (until 1804) and then part of the Napoleonic Empire , Artzheim - as it was spelled at the time - was incorporated into the canton of Landau . In 1814 the place had a total of 923 inhabitants. From 1818 to 1862 the place - still as part of the canton of Landau - was part of the Landau Landau commissioner , which was then converted into a district office. In 1832, participants in the Hambach Festival from the village erected a tree of freedom in Arzheim after they returned from the village .

In 1939 the place was incorporated into the Landau district. After the Second World War , Arzheim became part of the then newly formed state of Rhineland-Palatinate within the French occupation zone . In the course of the first administrative reform in Rhineland-Palatinate, the place changed to the newly created Landau-Bad Bergzabern district on June 7, 1969 . Just three years later, on April 22, 1972, it was incorporated into the independent city of Landau in the Palatinate .


Local advisory board

A local district was formed for the Arzheim district . The local council consists of 15 members, the chair of the local council is chaired by the directly elected mayor .

In the local elections on May 26, 2019 , the advisory board members were elected in a personalized proportional representation. The distribution of seats in the elected local council:

choice SPD CDU Green FWG total
2019 4th 4th 3 4th 15 seats
2014 6th 4th - 5 15 seats
2009 5 6th - 4th 15 seats
  • FWG = Free Voting Group Landau e. V.


The current mayor since September 22, 2010 is Klaus Kißel (SPD). He was re-elected in direct election on May 26, 2019 with a 77.45% share of the vote.

Klaus Kißel's predecessor, Martin Gensheimer, who was not party to the party, resigned in June 2010 for personal reasons after he was elected mayor of Arzheim in the 2009 local elections by 16 votes ahead of Kißel.


Arzheim lives to a large extent from viticulture . The place is connected to the local traffic via the bus line 531 of the transport association Rhein-Neckar , which connects it with the Landau main station as well as with Annweiler am Trifels . In addition, Arzheim is the northern starting point of the state road 510 , which connects the place with Wollmesheim , Mörzheim and Heuchelheim-Klingen . In the far west, the German Wine Route runs in a north-south direction for a few hundred meters over the Arzheim district, but without touching the settlement area. With the Arzheimer Hauptstrasse and the Albersweiler Canal in the northeast of the district there are two monument zones; there are also a total of 23 individual monuments . Arzheim also has a primary school.

West facade of St. Georg in Arzheim


The Laetare parade takes place on a Sunday at the beginning of April every year .


Sons and daughters of the place

  • Franz Joseph Lauth (1822–1895), educator, orientalist and specialist author
  • Ludwig Maria Hugo (1871–1935), 1921–1935 Bishop of Mainz; vehement opponent of Nazi ideology
  • Alfred Joseph Koch (1879–1951), Benedictine, Chancellor of the Catholic University of Peking, later Archabbot of St. Vincent Abbey, Pennsylvania, USA

People who worked on site

  • Emich IV. (~ 1215 – before 1279), owner of Arzheim in the 13th century
  • Josef Freiermuth (1901–1994) was a local teacher from 1927
  • Jakob Schwalb (1872–1934), temporarily chaplain in Arzheim

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