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The ATE route network

The kk privileged Aussig-Teplitz Railway (ATE), officially Czech from 1919: Ústecko-teplická dráha (ÚTD) was a private railway company in Austria and its successor state Czechoslovakia , whose routes were in today's Czech Republic .


Seal of the Aussig-Teplitzer Railway Company
Share for 210 guilders in the Aussig-Teplitz Railway Company on January 20, 1874

The company's first railway line was built in 1858 to transport the lignite mined in the North Bohemian Basin around Teplitz to the Aussig Elbe port . The further expansion of the route in the direction of Komotau was quickly continued in order to also connect the coal mines around Dux and Brüx . On October 8, 1870, it was connected to the Buschtěhrad Railway in Komotau. In the following years the 69 km long line from Aussig to Komotau developed into the most heavily used railway line in Austria-Hungary . Was as a supplement in the year 1874 the route Bilin / Dux- Türmitz in Bielatal opened to relieve the main route between Dux and Aussig.

The North Bohemian Transversal Railway Teplitz– Reichenberg was built as a further ATE line in the years 1897–1900 . However, this unfavorable line did not meet expectations. Above all, the steep slopes and narrow radii in the Bohemian Central Uplands and also when crossing the Jeschke ridge meant that long and heavy trains could not be transported.

On January 1, 1923, the Aussig-Teplitz Railway was nationalized as one of the last large private railways in Bohemia. The vehicles and routes were transferred to the ownership of the Czechoslovak State Railways ČSD.

While the Aussig – Komotau line has retained its importance to this day, the Teplitz – Reichenberg local railway lost its through traffic in the 1930s. The trains between Eger and Reichenberg, which previously ran on this route, have been running via the Tetschen junction since then and only use the North Bohemian Transversal Railway between Bohemian Leipa and Reichenberg.


The route network of the Aussig-Teplitz Railway had a length of 250.231 kilometers and was divided into five independent routes and four connecting lines. In addition, there were a total of 188 towing tracks to the coal pits and industrial plants, the total length of which was 81.2 kilometers.

Main lines (old network)
Local railway (supplementary network)
Connecting tracks

Lines operated for the owner's account


Locomotives of the Aussig-Teplitz Railway Company
line ATE no. number Manufacturer Years of construction Axis formula ČSD no. DR no. image
Yes 1–4 (old)
1–2 (new)
4th Borsig 1858 1B 220.101-102 -
Ib 3-5, 70-73 7th Wiener Neustadt 1887/97 2 B 253.201-207 - ATE Ib.jpg
Ic 99-100, 140-141 4th Web 1900 2C-n2v 344.501-504 k. A.
Id 145
Web 1902 1C-n2
1C-n3v / 1C-n2
334.401 / 344.337
334.402 / 344.338
54 537
54 538
ATE Id Engerth.jpg
Ie 147–148 (old)
211–220 (new)
10 First Bohemian-Moravian
machine factory
1908-1914 1'C-h2 344,601-610 k. A.
If 150-152 3 Wiener Neustadt 1906 1'C1'-h2 354.801-803 35 401-403 ATE If 150.jpg
IIa, IIb 4–16, 24–36 (old)
26–59, 63–65 (new)
37 Borsig , Sigl , Hartmann , Wiener Neustadt 1859-1884 C-n2 302.101-136 - ATE IIb Bilin.jpg
IIIa 17-25 9 Hartmann 1869-1874 C-n2 322.301-309 - ATE IIIa.jpg
IIIb 9-16, 81-98 26th Wiener Neustadt 1889-1894 C-n2 322,401-425 53 7401-7413 ATE IIIb.jpg
IVa 60-62, 66-69 7th Hartmann , Wiener Neustadt 1882/1888 D-n2 402.201-207 55 7111-7117 ATE IVa.jpg
IVb 101-110 10 Wiener Neustadt ,
1897 D-n2 412.101-110 -
IVc 111-132 22nd Wiener Neustadt 1899-1910 D-n2 413.201-222 55 6001-6022
X 6-7 2 Wiener Neustadt 1899 B-n2t 200.101 -
Xa 8th 1 Krauss / Munich 1870 B-n2t - -
GBK 001-003 3 First Bohemian-Moravian
machine factory
1912/1914 E-n2t 514.101-103 - GBK 1.jpg


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