Bad button

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German title Bad button
Original title Bad button
Country of production New Zealand
Publishing year 1987
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 18; indexed according to list A
Director Peter Jackson
script Peter Jackson
production Peter Jackson
music Michelle Scullion
camera Peter Jackson
cut Peter Jackson
Jamie Selkirk

Bad Taste ( Engl . Bad taste ) is the first feature film by New Zealand director Peter Jackson , a low budget - film comedy with strong splatter - and science fiction elements.


A group of aliens in human form, the so-called Homo sapiens brigade , land in the New Zealand coastal town of Kaihoro. They have the plan to kill the people living there and to take them with them as a meaty "sample" for the alien fast food production. All residents fall victim to the aliens who wear uniformly light blue shirts and stroll through the now empty coastal town.

Four plainclothes agents of the Astro Investigation and Defense Service, who report to the New Zealand government and are specially trained on operations against aliens, are supposed to find out what the aliens want and prevent them from carrying out their plans. “ We're dealing with a bunch of alien psychopaths. Like a visit from many Charlie Mansons, ”the eccentric scientist Derek, one of the four agents, characterizes the creatures who suddenly appeared. When the fundraiser Giles Copeland, who wants to raise money for a charity, appears in town, the aliens capture the Earthling and place him tied and gagged in a water barrel enriched with vegetables and spices, with the intention of the fundraiser Giles the closest Day to eat. Under the direction of their leader Lord Crumb, the aliens hide in a country house, which later turns out to be a spaceship disguised as a house and can fly away.

There are extreme blood orgies with gutted bellies and dismembered brains when the agents hired by the government storm the country house in dark camouflage suits and slaughter the conspiratorial aliens with revolvers, automatic submachine guns, bazookas , knives and chainsaws . During a wild firefight, one armed alien goes down one after the other. The aliens can be defeated by massive use of force. Only the leader Lord Crumb, who has resumed his original monster-like form, can flee in the spaceship of the extraterrestrial invaders and set course for his home planet. However, Agent Derek is on board as a stowaway, who neutralizes the leader with a chainsaw. Because of a brain damage previously sustained in combat, Derek looks a little confused, who pulls the severed facial skin of the alien leader over his head, flies across space at the wheel of the spaceship and wants to invade the home planet of the evil creatures to destroy all the aliens there To finish off.


Numerous slapstick elements were incorporated into this semi-professional film . He sees himself as a parody of the splatter films of the late seventies and early eighties . The simple plot takes a back seat to the exaggerated depiction of violence, which determines the parodic-comic tone of Bad Taste . In a darkly humorous scene, for example, agent Frank shoots a bazooka at the alien house, whereupon the fired rocket flies through an open window across the house, emerges on the other side of the building and then accidentally hits a white sheep on a green meadow Bring to explode.

The strong polarization of the audience is probably due not least to the extreme oversubscription.

"Peter Jackson, who later became world-famous and won several awards for his The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit film, made his bloody and absurd directorial debut in 1987 with Bad Taste. A cult fun for friends of the macabre and for fans of the New Zealander an absolute must. "


“A no-budget film that has become a cult object in fan circles as a finger exercise in matters of slasher film; he combines a variety of bloody effects with bizarre humor, ignoring the limits of good taste. "


  • 1989: Fantafestival Audience Award
  • 1990: Nomination on Fantasporto in the category Best Film


Director Peter Jackson himself can be seen in a double role. He plays the mad scientist Derek from the Astro-Investigation and Defense Service with no beard and wire glasses and an alien named Robert with a full black beard. All actors are friends, acquaintances and relatives of Jackson. Much of the film was shot in and around the small town of Pukerua Bay , the birthplace of filmmaker Peter Jackson, about 30 kilometers north of New Zealand's capital Wellington . The crew used a 25-year-old 16mm Bolex camera for filming . The story was originally designed as a 20-minute short film with the working title Roast of the Day . The weapons are all cheap toy weapons or, like all masks, were self-made. The alien masks were fired in the home of director Jackson's mother. The aliens can be recognized by their light blue shirts - as long as they are human. Jackson shot the film on weekends from 1983 to 1987. Using different shots with months between them, the film team staged a fight between the two characters Derek and Robert, the bespectacled scientist and the black-bearded alien, high up on a steep cliff the coast, with director Peter Jackson playing the two opposing roles in personal union. Based on a sophisticated editing process, this fight scene can be seen in the first third of the film. Jackson used the special effects pioneer Tom Savini as a model for the design of Bad Taste . The production cost was approximately NZD 30,000 . After the film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1987 , it sold in many countries. In the German dubbing, the actor Peer Augustinski speaks the voice of the scientist Derek. Kaihoro, the name of the fictional city as the setting for the action, arose from the imagination of the film team and is based on the Maori language of the Māori indigenous people in New Zealand. “Kai” means “food” and “horo” can be translated as “city”, from which the term “Essen city” or “city of food” arises. Furthermore, “Kai horo” means “greedy” in Maori or, linguistically a little broader, also “ fast food ”. Thus, the name of the fictional city results in an ambiguous play on words relating to the fate of the inhabitants slaughtered by the aliens. As in his subsequent films Meet the Feebles (1989) and Braindead (1992), Jackson also used a Morris Minor car in Bad Taste . In Bad Taste, fundraiser Giles Copeland drives a light blue small car from Morris Minor with white fur covers over the driver and front passenger seats. When director Peter Jackson received the award in the Best Picture category for his fantasy film The Lord of the Rings during the Academy Awards on February 29, 2004 after director Steven Spielberg presented the nominees , Jackson stated in his acceptance speech: “ Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles were wisely overlooked by the academy back then. "


Various versions of the film have been released on DVD and VHS in Germany since September 21, 2000 :

  • the uncut and indexed version with a running time of approx. 88 minutes and an SPIO / JK certificate
  • a shortened version with approx. 81 minutes running time and the FSK approval no youth approval
  • a shortened version with approx. 80 minutes running time and an FSK 18 approval
  • a shortened version with approx. 78 minutes running time and an FSK 12 approval
  • an uncut version on video cassette with a running time of approx. 88 minutes


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