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Bodo Hell (2019)

Bodo Hell (born March 15, 1943 in Salzburg ) is an Austrian writer.


Hell studied organ at the Salzburg Mozarteum and in Vienna at the Academy for Music and Performing Arts, film and television, philosophy , German literature and history , after which he decided to devote himself entirely to writing. Bodo Hell lives in Vienna and has been on the Dachstein , Styria , where he looks after 140 cattle for over thirty years . This time not only serves as an inspiration, but the hard work of a dairy farmer keeps him down to earth . He worked, among others, with Friederike Mayröcker , whom he rates as his personal literary leading figure in the field of prose , Ernst Jandl , who is a trend-setting poet for him, Liesl Ujvary , Bady Minck and with Hil de Gard . Hell sees himself as a "fact-oriented" author. He carefully researches facts and puts them into a prose context and tries to interweave them with very differentiated linguistic methods. Hell's works have ranged from literary publications to experimental prose published as books, radio plays, text and photo volumes and films since the 1970s. He has written articles for newspapers such as “ Die Presse ” and “ Falter ” as well as for ORF . In 1997 he took over the leadership of a course within the framework of the September Academy of the "School for Poetry".




  • 1977: Dom Mischabel Hochjoch Three mountain stories. Nachw .: Friedrike Mayröcker. Linz: edition new texts.
  • 1983: Stadtschrift 200 photos and text: "Line 13A". Linz: edition new texts.
  • 1986: Larvae Schemen Phantoms The thunder of keeping still. Ill .: Friederike Mayröcker, Bodo Hell. Graz, Vienna: Droschl.
  • 1987: 666. Stories Photos: Bodo Hell. Graz, Vienna: Droschl.
  • 1989: How are you? Stories, drawings. Ill .: Hil de Gard. Graz, Vienna: Droschl.
  • 1992: The Real Possibilities Two speeches for the Erich Fried Prize 1991. [With Ernst Jandl]. Graz, Vienna: Droschl.
  • 1992: Walk through the village: Pointing photos to “Blumenwerk”. Friederike Mayröcker - rural journal / Deinzendorf. Ed .: Franz Krahberger. Weitra: Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz , ISBN 3-900878-73-0 .
  • 1993: Lady's mantle, photo-historical essay by Kurt Kaindl. Photos: Karl Heinrich Waggerl. Text on the history of the photos found: Elisabeth Kornhofer, selection of photos: Bodo Hell, Kurt Kaindl. Salzburg: Otto Müller ,.
  • 1993: Gaußplatz 11 (with Lotte Ingrisch , Linde Waber ). Vienna: David press.
  • 1993: Common in all stanzas (with Martin Lachmair). Vienna: n.v.
  • 1994: In the thick of it, stories, drawings. Ill .: Hil de Gard. Graz, Vienna: Droschl.
  • 1996: Herr im Schlaf A handle in the emblematic everyday theater. Graz / Schwerin: Forum Stadtpark Theater / Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater.
  • 1999: The motto is narration. Cover photo: Didi Sattmann. Vienna: Edition Splitter.
  • 2000: eyepatch text. Photography. (Photography: Otto Saxinger). Linz: foliage.
  • 2003: Costume: Mandatory reading + speaking texts. Literature publishing house Droschl.
  • 2006: Frost: relaunched "Knowledge distracts from knowledge, you know!" (With Norbert Trummer and Renate Welsh ). Weitra: Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, ISBN 978-3-85252-766-6 .
  • 2008: Admont abscondita Denk-Bilder from the baroque monastery library (with Norbert Trummer). Weitra: Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, ISBN 978-3-85252-894-6 .
  • 2010: Nothelfer, Essay 60, literary publisher Droschl
  • 2011: Immergrün Sudarium / Calendarium, (with Linda Wolfsgruber), Folio Verlag
  • 2013: Bodo Hell Omnibus, exemplary texts and comments, Droschl literature publisher
  • 2014: Matri Mitram Angel Talks / Iconoclasm; Restoration of the pilgrimage church Frauenberg near Admont 2013/14 (with Norbert Trummer). Weitra: Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, ISBN 978-3-99028-428-5 .
  • 2015: Stadtschrift [II] Photos and texts. Weitra: Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz , ISBN 978-3-99028-185-7 . [Library of Urban Culture; 5. - Edition Seidengasse]
  • 2017: Ritus and Rita Literaturverlag Droschl, Graz 2017, ISBN 978-3-85420-992-8 .
  • 2019: Auffahrt Literaturverlag Droschl, Graz 2019, ISBN 978-3-99059-039-3 .

Radio plays

  • 1974: Zwettl Gmünd Scheibbs (with Liesl Ujvary), ORF
  • 1978: Head to head (with Liesl Ujvary), NDR
  • 1981: Acoustic Portrait (With Liesl Ujvary), SDR
  • 1980: Author's music (with Liesl Ujvary, director: Günter Guben ), SDR Stuttgart
  • 1989: Goat milking (Director: Bodo Hell) ORF
  • 2013: Landscape with repudiation


  • 1981: Line 13 A (Script: Bodo Hell)
  • 1990: 1 pile of flowers - 1 pile of shoes (TV feature about Friederike Mayröcker, directed by Carmen Tartarotti, Bodo Hell)
  • 1995: Im Bannkreis (Script: Bodo Hell)
  • 2001: Land without Properties (Documentation)
  • 2003: In the beginning was the view (script and director: Bady Minck )
  • 2013: In the moment - the history and the open (documentation)

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