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Brendan Byrne (2011)

Brendan Thomas Byrne (born April 1, 1924 in West Orange , New Jersey - † January 4, 2018 in Livingston , New Jersey) was an American politician . He was governor of the state of New Jersey from 1974 to 1982 .

Early years and political advancement

Brendan Byrne attended West Orange High School and then Seton Hall University . After the American entry into World War II , he left this university in 1942 to join the US Army Air Corps . During the war he was awarded several military medals. After its end, Byrne studied at both Princeton University and Harvard . There he graduated from law in 1950.

Byrne became a member of the Democratic Party . Between 1955 and 1958 he was on the advisory board of Governor Robert B. Meyner . From 1958 to 1959 he was the Assistant Attorney General of New Jersey. He was then a prosecutor in Essex County . He held this office from 1959 to 1968. The following two years, Byrne was President of the State Board of Public Utility Commissioners . From 1970 to 1973 he worked as a judge.

Governor of New Jersey

In November 1973 , Byrne was elected the new governor of his state. He took up this office on January 15, 1974 and, after being re-elected in 1977, could remain in this office until January 19, 1982. During this time, many jobs in industrial production were cut. In return, new jobs were created in other areas such as retail. In 1976 the betting business was legalized in New Jersey and a year later the first gambling casino opened in Atlantic City . The Meadowlands Sports Complex , which includes the Giants Stadium , was also built at that time . Governor Byrne was committed to the environment. In 1979 the Pineland Preservation Act came into effect. Byrne was also a member of a number of governorships and a 1980 delegate to the Democratic National Convention . From 1974 to 1982 he was also a curator at Princeton University.

Another résumé

After the end of his governor's tenure, he became chairman of a committee at Princeton University that dealt with matters between the university and New Jersey. Byrne held this office from 1985 to 1989. He was a member of various boards of directors and a partner in a law firm.

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