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The Buch.Preis [ sic ] was a literary prize that is advertised as a competition by the Upper Austria Chamber of Labor and the Linz Brucknerhaus . The award was launched as the successor to the Max von der Grün award . The AK Literature Prize has been awarded as the Chamber of Labor's new literature prize since 2017 .

Max von der Grün Prize for literature on the world of work

In order to make employees and their living environment an issue, the Upper Austria Chamber of Labor announced a promotion prize for literature in the world of work from 1976 to 1998 . The jury was headed by the German working-class poet Max von der Grün . The prize was endowed with 15,000 schillings. One of the first prizewinners was Helmut Zenker , who later created a sensation with Kottan . The 128 prize winners also include Gerhard Ruiss , Erich Hackl , Eugenie Kain , Barbara Bronnen , Elfriede Kern and Franzobel . Texts were published in the book series Stories from the Working World.


The prize honors works by Austrian authors or authors living in Austria who critically deal with the social reality of our time and the social conditions under which people work - or are no longer allowed to work - at a high literary level .

With prize money of 10,000 euros, the prize is one of the most highly endowed literary awards in Austria.

Award winners

AK literature prize

After the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor awarded the Book Prize for the last time in 2009, after a break of several years it launched the AK Literature Prize, which was awarded for the first time in 2017. Literary texts that have not yet been published and that deal critically with topics from the world of work and the hot spots of our society are eligible for nomination. With this profile and the prize money of 10,000 euros, the prize largely corresponds to its predecessor. The prize money is divided into a jury prize of 7,500 euros and an audience prize of 2,500 euros.


The jury for the first award of the prize was made up of the journalist and author Sibylle Hamann , the Graz literary scholar Klaus Kastberger , the writer Doron Rabinovici , the lawyer and division manager at ÖGB-Verlag, Evelyn Beyer, and the AK cultural advisor Sonja Fröhlich. From 133 texts submitted, the jurors selected a shortlist of five works that were presented at the award ceremony at the end of September 2017.

The main prize in 2017 went to Berlin-based author Magdalena Schrefel. The audience award went to Cathrin A. Stadler.


In spring 2019, the literature prize was announced for the second time, with a total of 134 texts submitted. From these, the five best were selected by a jury of experts; the following authors were nominated for the 2019 AK Literature Prize:

Marie Luise Lehner was awarded the AK Literature Prize, endowed with 7,500 euros , and the audience award, endowed with 2,500 euros, went to Isabella Straub .

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