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Under Chiemsee Painters is a group of the Chiemsee working landscape and genre painters , including the artists' colony Frauenchiemsee . The Munich art professor Max Haushofer is considered to be the founder of the artist colony . As a 17-year-old student, he came to Fraueninsel for the first time in 1828, around the time when the Barbizon artists' colony was being built in the woods of Fontainebleau near Paris . After years of regular visits, he married the innkeeper's daughter, Anna Dumbser. He brought numerous artist colleagues such as Christian Ruben and Franz Roubaud to the island.

There are over fifty works by Chiemsee painters in the “Galerie Maler am Chiemsee” in the Augustinian Canons' Monastery in Herrenchiemsee . Larger collections can also be found in the municipality of Prien , in Markt Grassau and also in the Exterhaus in the municipality of Übersee .

Last name First Name Born place of birth Died Place of death Remarks image Commons
Adam, Benno 1812 Munich 1892 Kelheim Animal painter
St. Bernard with Young 1862
Baer, ​​Christian Maximilian 1853 Nuremberg 1911 Munich Künstlerhaus on Fraueninsel
Boats on the bank , undated
Baumgartner, Thomas 1892 Munich 1962 Kreuth 1920 Artists' Association "Frauenwörther"
Boshart, Karl ? ? ? ? 1828 Fraueninsel artists' colony, brother of Josef Boshart
Boshart, Josef ? ? ? ? 1828 Fraueninsel artists' colony, brother of Karl Boshart
Boshart, Wilhelm 1815 Munich 1878 Aisching am Chiemsee Cousin of Max Haushofer
Crola, Georg Heinrich 1804 Dresden 1879 Ilsenburg, Harz 1836, landscape at the Chiemsee
Thunderstorm at Chiemsee (1836)
Davis, Nicholas 1883 Amorgos, Greece 1967 Ebersberg near Munich Works with fishermen on the Chiemsee
Demmel, Willibald 1914 Munich-Haidhausen 1989 Gstadt am Chiemsee 1951 Artists' Association "Frauenwörther"
Deuchert, Heinrich 1840 Darmstadt 1923 Allmannshausen Commons
Dillis, Johann Georg von 1759 Gmain, today Dorfen 1841 Munich 1792 first picture of the Chiemsee (commissioned by the count

from Rumford)

Exter, Julius 1863 Ludwigshafen am Rhein 1939 Übersee at the Chiemsee 1897, lives on Chiemsee
Geigenberger, Otto 1881 Wasserburg am Inn 1946 Ulm Friend of Leo Putz
Geiseler, Hermann 1903 Hamburg 1975 Slovenia
Gerhardinger, Constantin 1888 Munich 1970 Törwang near Rosenheim 1920 Artists' Association "Frauenwörther"
Glette, Erich 1896 Wiesbaden 1980 Prien am Chiemsee
Goeschen-Roesler, Paula von 1875 Schlierbach, Hesse 1941 Wurmsdorf near Söllhuben 1922 Artists' Association “Welle”, Prien
Groeber, Hermann 1865 Wartenberg in Erdinger Moos 1935 Gstadt am Chiemsee
Hermann Groeber Children in Spring in Altenmarkt.jpg
Groeschel, W. Rudolf 1891 Meiningen 1985 Fentbach near Weyarn 1920 Artists' Association "Frauenwörther"
Gude, Hans Fredrik 1825 Christiania (Oslo) 1903 Berlin 1867 Sivstudie, Chiemsee
Hans Gude, Sivstudie, Chiemsee, 1867
Home, Rudolf 1877 Strasbourg 1961 Munich? 1922 Artists' Association “Welle”, Prien
Haushofer, Alfred 1872 Munich 1943 Seebruck am Chiemsee 1920 Artists' Association "Frauenwörther"
Haushofer, Max 1811 Nymphenburg near Munich 1866 Starnberg 1828 Frauenchiemsee artists' colony
Heidner, Heinrich 1876 Schoppershof near Nuremberg 1974 Allmannshausen on Lake Starnberg 1908 “Heidner Villa” in Gstadt am Chiemsee
Hess, Peter von 1792 Dusseldorf 1871 Munich 1813 The Chiemsee (on behalf of King Max I Joseph)
Peter von Hess, Am Chiemsee, 2nd third of the 19th century
Hötzendorff, Theodor von 1898 Markdorf 1974 Hindling 1942, lives on Chiemsee
Kessler, Friedrich August 1826 Tilsit 1906 Dusseldorf
Klinkerfuß, Bernhard 1881 Stuttgart 1940 Prien am Chiemsee 1922 Artists' Association “Welle”, Prien
Koeckert, Julius 1827 Leipzig 1918 Munich Genre painter
Rest in the high mountains (1918)
Lier, Adolf Heinrich 1826 Herrnhut 1882 Vahrn near Brixen in South Tyrol
Lommel, Friedrich 1883 gain 1967 Otterkring 1922 artists' association “Die Welle” , Prien; sculptor
Lommel, Lisbeth 1877 Munich 1970 Moated castle 1923 Artists' Association “Die Welle”, Prien
Maier-Erding, Hiasl 1894 Erding 1933 Munich 1920 Artists' Association "Frauenwörther"
Girl in blue costume
Marr, Heinrich 1807 Hamburg 1871 Munich 1835 Fraueninsel artists' colony
Mattenheimer, Albin 1823 Bamberg 1875 ? 1874 View of Herrenchiemsee
Herrenchiemsee Monastery - Picture Gallery 1 Herreninsel.jpg
Mende, Carl Adolf 1807 Leipzig 1857 Achim near Bremen 1835 Frauenchiemsee artists' colony
Happy Mother (1832)
Miller-Diflo, Otto 1878 Hasberg 1949 Munich
Millner, Karl 1825 Mindelheim 1895 Munich
Alpsee (1872)
Müller, Moritz 1807 Dresden 1865 Munich Genre painter
Müller-Samerberg, Karl Hermann 1869 Adorf / Vogtland 1946 Törwang at the Chiemsee 1922 Artists' Association “Welle”, Prien
Noerr, Julius 1827 Munich 1897 Starnberg Landscape painter, from 1865 on the Chiemsee, Prien, friend of Adolf Lier
Paul, Paul 1915 Prien am Chiemsee 2013 Prien am Chiemsee
Peltzer, Alexander 1876 Moscow 1959 Chieming am Chiemsee (Father of Isabella, grandfather of Sten Nadolny), Munich Art Academy from around 1903
Pfeiffer, Friedrich Wilhelm 1822 Wolfenbüttel 1891 Munich Genre painter
Pilar de Borbon, Amalia del 1834 Madrid 1905 Munich 1856 wife of Prince Adalbert Wilhelm of Bavaria
Amalia del Pilar de Borbón, Chiemsee landscape in the evening
Poschinger, Richard von 1839 Munich 1915 Munich Lier's master student
On the banks of the Chiemsee
Püttner, Walther 1872 Leipzig 1953 Maxlrain (castle) near Bad Aibling
Putz, Leo 1869 Meran 1940 Meran 1909–1914 in Hartmannsberg, friend of Otto Geigenbauer
In the garden (1924)
Raupp, Karl 1837 Darmstadt 1918 Munich 1869 First visit to Fraueninsel; Frauenchiemsee artists' colony, last quarter of the 19th century, genre painter
Carl Raupp: On the banks of the Fraueninsel
Roloff, Paul 1877 Jerchel (Gut), Stendal district in the Altmark 1951 Prien am Chiemsee 1922 Artists' Association “Welle”, Prien
Ruben, Christian Christoph 1805 trier 1875 Vienna 1828/1835 Frauenchiemsee artists' colony, genre painter
Schuch, Carl 1846 Vienna 1903 Vienna 1874 on Herrenchiemsee, friend of Wilhelm Trübner
Tyrolean landscape
Sieck, Rudolf 1877 Rosenheim 1957 Prien am Chiemsee 1920 artist associations “Frauenwörther” and “Welle”, Prien
Stagura, Albert 1866 Dresden 1947 Gstadt am Chiemsee 1920 Artists' Association "Frauenwörther"
Thoma, Emil 1869 Zurich 1948 Riedering 1922 Artists' Association “Welle”, Prien
Trautmann, Franz 1813 ? 1887 ? 1828 Frauenchiemsee artists' colony Commons
Truebner, Wilhelm 1851 Heidelberg 1917 Karlsruhe 1874 on Herrenchiemsee, friend of Carl Schuch
Heinrich Wilhelm Trübner, 1874
Wopfner, Josef 1843 Schwaz, Tyrol 1927 Munich Frauenchiemsee artists' colony, last quarter of the 19th century
Josef Wopfner fishing family at the Chiemsee.jpg
Zumbusch, Ludwig von 1861 Munich 1927 Munich 1897 at the Chiemsee Commons


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