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King Christian VI from Denmark. Painting around 1740 by Johann Salomon Wahl . Frederiksborg Museum
Sophie Magdalene as Queen of Denmark

Christian VI. (Born November 30 . Jul / 10. December  1699 greg. In Copenhagen , †  6. August 1746 in Hørsholm ) was King of Denmark and Norway , Duke of Schleswig and Holstein and Count of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst from 1730 until his death.

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Christian VI. was the second son of Frederick IV of Denmark and his wife Louise of Mecklenburg .

On the occasion of a trip, Christian came to Saxony in July 1721, where he paid his respects to the resident Electress and Polish titular queen Christiane Eberhardine in Pretzsch . He met Princess Sophie Magdalene von Brandenburg-Kulmbach , who was in her court , and immediately fell in love with her. After his father had given King Friedrich IV the permission for the wedding, as well as Sophie Magdalene's widowed mother and the wedding modalities had been negotiated, this took place on August 7, 1721 in Pretzsch Castle.

Christian rule was marked by a severe economic crisis in Denmark, but also by a time when the kingdom had not been at war for many years. The king and his wife were markedly pietistic , which resulted in the obligation to attend church for the Danish people. He lived withdrawn from the population; When traveling, the windows of the royal carriage were always covered. Christian VI. nevertheless demonstrated absolutist power, especially through the construction of the castles Christiansborg and Hørsholm (Hirschholm). He gave the Drage estate in Schleswig-Holstein to his wife's brother, Margrave Friedrich Ernst from the House of Brandenburg-Kulmbach , for their wedding .


  • Frederick V (March 31, 1723 - January 14, 1766), King of Denmark
  • Louise (June 19, 1724 - December 20, 1724), Princess of Denmark
  • Louise (October 19, 1726 - August 8, 1756), Duchess of Saxony-Hildburghausen .


According to King Christian VI. is the name of the old-language high school Christianeum in Hamburg. Christian VI. is also the namesake of the Christian church in Hamburg-Ottensen , consecrated on July 20, 1738.


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