Chronology of Hypertext Technologies

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This article provides a chronology of hypertext techniques from 1945 onwards. The term hypertext was coined by the author and philosopher Ted Nelson .

year Technology / system developer
1945 Memex (concept) Vannevar Bush ; Office of Scientific Research and Development
1960 Project Xanadu Ted Nelson
1962 NLS (onLine System) (renamed Augment in 1977 ) Douglas C. Engelbart ; SRI Augmentation Research Center
1967 Hypertext Editing System (HES) Andries van Dam , Ted Nelson; Brown University
1968 FRESS (File Retrieval and Editing System) Andries van Dam, Ted Nelson, and Bob Wallace ; Brown University
1973 Xerox Alto Desktop with GUI Butler Lampson , Charles P. Thacker , et al. a .; Xerox PARC
1975 DRAW Robert Akscyn, Donald McCracken; Carnegie Mellon University
1976 PROMIS (Problem-Oriented Medical Information System) Jan Schultz, Larry Weed; University of Vermont
1978 Aspen Movie Map Andrew Lippman ; WITH
1980 INQUIRE (unpublished) Tim Berners-Lee ; CERN
1981 Electronic Document System (EDS, also Document Presentation System ) Andries van Dam, et al. a .; Brown University
Xerox Star Desktop David Liddle ; Xerox Systems Development Department
1983 Guide Peter J. Brown ; University of Kent
KMS (Knowledge Management System) Robert Akscyn, Donald McCracken, Elise Yoder
TIES (The Interactive Encyclopedia System, later HyperTies ) Ben Shneiderman ; University of Maryland, College Park
1984 NoteCards Frank Halasz, Thomas Moran, Randall Trigg; Xerox PARC
1985 Intermedia Norman Meyrowitz; Brown University
Symbolics Document Examiner Janet Walker; Symbolics
198? info MIT , GNU project
1986 SGML Charles Goldfarb , William W. Tunnicliffe , IBM
Texinfo Richard Stallman , Bob Chassell , GNU Project
1987 Authorware Michael Allen; Authorware
Canon Cat Jef Raskin ; Canon
HyperCard Bill Atkinson ; Apple
1989 Director (from 1993 Macromedia Director) MacroMind
AmigaGuide Commodore
World Wide Web and HTML Tim Berners-Lee ; CERN
1991 Gopher Mark P. McCahill et al. a .; University of Minnesota
1993 Interpedia (concept) Rick gates
1995 WikiWikiWeb Ward Cunningham
1998 Everything2 Nate Oostendorp
2001 Wikipedia Jimmy Wales

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