Communauté de communes des Sources du Lac d'Annecy

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Communauté de communes
des Sources du Lac d'Annecy
Region (s) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Department (s) Haute-Savoie
Establishment date December 28, 2000
legal form Communauté de communes
Communities 7th
president Michel Coutin
SIREN number 247 400 773
surface 150.47 km²
Residents 15,174 (2015)
Population density 101 inhabitants / km²

Location of the association of municipalities
in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

The Communauté de communes des Sources du Lac d'Annecy is a French association of municipalities with the legal form of a Communauté de communes in the Haute-Savoie department , whose administrative headquarters are in the town of Faverges . It is located in the very south of the department in the Savoy Prealps in a valley furrow southeast of Lac d'Annecy . The steeply rising valley flanks and the side valleys with other member communities extend into the Chaîne des Aravis in the north and into the Bauges massif in the south . The community association founded at the end of 2000 consists of seven communities and has 15,174 inhabitants (as of 2015) on an area of ​​166.8 km 2 , its president is Michel Coutin.

Historical development

The community association changed its name from Communauté de communes du Pays de Faverges to the current name in 2016 .


The competencies required include the development and promotion of economic activities and tourism as well as spatial planning on the basis of a Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale . The community association determines the housing policy. In environmental matters, he is responsible for wastewater disposal as well as garbage collection and disposal. He also operates the school bus service and the cycle path network, including above all the section on the disused railway line between Annecy and Ugine that has been converted into a cycle path .

Member municipalities

The following seven communities belong to the community association:

local community Residents
January 1, 2017
Density of
population / km²
Post Code
Chevaline 000000000000203.0000000000203 14.16 000000000000014.000000000014th 74072 74210
Doussard 000000000003592.00000000003,592 20.14 000000000000178.0000000000178 74104 74210
Faverges-Seythenex 000000000007606.00000000007,606 59.27 000000000000128.0000000000128 74123 74210
Giez 000000000000541.0000000000541 12.65 000000000000043.000000000043 74135 74210
Lathuile 000000000001016.00000000001,016 8.76 000000000000116.0000000000116 74147 74210
Saint-Ferréol 000000000000867.0000000000867 16.79 000000000000052.000000000052 74234 74210
Val de Chaise 000000000001363.00000000001,363 18.70 000000000000073.000000000073 74167 74210
Communauté de communes
des Sources du Lac d'Annecy
000000000015174.000000000015.174 150.47 000000000000101.0000000000101

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