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Coat of arms of Dürnten
State : SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Canton ZurichCanton Zurich Zurich (ZH)
District : Hinwilw
BFS no. : 0113i1 f3 f4
Postal code : 8632 Tann
8635 Dürnten
Coordinates : 706 276  /  237 425 coordinates: 47 ° 16 '45 "  N , 8 ° 50' 36"  O ; CH1903:  706,276  /  two hundred thirty-seven thousand four hundred twenty-five
Height : 466  m above sea level M.
Height range : 462–807 m above sea level M.
Area : 10.22  km²
Residents: 7637 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 747 inhabitants per km²
Proportion of foreigners :
(residents without
citizenship )
18.1% (December 31, 2018)
Mayor : Peter Jäggi
(Free Democratic Association)
Website: www.duernten.ch
Village center of Dürnten

Village center of Dürnten

Location of the municipality
Pfäffikersee Greifensee Ufenau Lützelau Zürichsee Kanton Schwyz Kanton St. Gallen Kanton Thurgau Bezirk Horgen Bezirk Meilen Bezirk Pfäffikon Bezirk Uster Bezirk Winterthur Bäretswil Bubikon Dürnten Fischenthal Gossau ZH Grüningen ZH Hinwil Rüti ZH Seegräben Wald ZH WetzikonMap of Dürnten
About this picture
View from Bubikon on Dürnten (March 2010)
Historical aerial photo of Dürnten (1923), taken from a height of 100 meters by Walter Mittelholzer
Historic aerial photo of Tann (1927)

Dürnten is a municipality in the district of Hinwil in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland .

coat of arms


In red a bar quartered with gold and black


The municipality of Dürnten consists of the four geographically separated districts of Tann , Dürnten , Oberdürnten and Breitenmatt . Oberdürnten lies on the slope of the Bachtel and thus east above Dürnten. Oberdürnten and the Breitenmatt are separated by a few fields and a difference in altitude. From the Breitenmatt you already have a good view over the Zurich Oberland to Lake Zurich .


Dürnten was first mentioned in a document in the 8th century.


Population development
year Residents
1670 977
1792 1,382
1850 1,663
1900 3,094
1941 3'006
1950 3,390
1990 5,736
1995 5,843
2000 6,032
2005 6,081
2010 6,665
2011 7,055
2012 7,159
2013 7'157
2014 7,374

Parts of the village

49% of all residents of Dürnten live in Tann, 29% in Dürnten, 22% in Oberdürnten (including Breitenmatt).

Youth and Seniors

In 2014, 23% of the resident population were under 20 years old and 16% over 60 years old.

From 750 students in 1990, the number rose to 868 in 2014.

599 residents are 13–20 year olds.


On December 31, 2011, 40.2% of the population belonged to the Evangelical Reformed Church and 26.7% to the Roman Catholic Church .

In the regional section of the Evangelical Alliance , the Evangelical Reformed Church and the Evangelical Methodist Church are among the churches that meet in Dürnten and Tann .


The proportion of foreigners in 2014 was 17.5% or 1274 people (1981: 13.5% or 666 people; in the 2000s approx. 15%).


Municipal council

Term of office 2018–2022 (as of September 2018)

  • Mayor: Peter Jäggi (FDV) since 2018, before that already a local councilor
  • Education department (school president): Lukas Leibundgut (SVP)
  • Society department: Cornelia Benedetti (CVP)
  • Department: Building construction and spatial planning: Luigi Boccadamo (FDP)
  • Security department: Jasmin Aeschbacher since 2018 (independent)
  • Infrastructure department: Roman Braun since 2018 (independent)
  • Real estate and culture department: Urs Roth (independent)


List strength in national elections 2019
Political party Share of the vote
SVP 36.35%
GLP 11.49%
Green 11.42%
FDP 10.49%
SP 10.01%
CVP 7.3%
EDU 5.09%
EPP 4.58%
BDP 1.73%

Parish partnership

Economy and Infrastructure


Due to its proximity to Rüti, Tann has a small Turkish shop in addition to the “Frischmärt Gabriel” spar supermarket.

In the village of Dürnten there is a Volg branch and a Landi branch with an attached Agrola petrol station shop, the Meier garden center with its shop and the Sonneschii children's clothing exchange.

The village shop "chlöti.ch" is run in Oberdürnten.

Only the Breitenmatt does not offer any shopping opportunities.


Private traffic

In addition to important thoroughfares, the community has a connection to the Oberlandautobahn (A53) towards Zurich and Rapperswil SG .

Above the Breitenmatt was the former Hasenstrick airfield (ICAO code LSPK), which however only had one grass runway.

Public transport

In September 1876 the Wald-Rüti-Bahn started operating. This connected the district of Tann with Rüti and Wald . In October 1876, with the commissioning of the Tösstalbahn, a direct connection from Tann to Winterthur was established . The line at Tanner Bahnhof was electrified in 1944.

With the opening of the Uerikon-Bauma-Bahn in 1901, the district of Dürnten was also connected to the railway network. The Dürnten train station was between the Bubikon and Hinwil stations . However, the railway line was not profitable and was abandoned in 1948. After the cessation of railway operations, the tracks in Dürnten were demolished. The station building as well as the embankment remained as evidence of the former railway. Since then, Dürnten has been connected to the transport network by various bus routes.

Today there are the following bus routes, which are operated by the Zurich Lake and Oberland Transport Authority (VZO):

  • 870 Station Ruti - Tann - Oberdürnten - Hadlikon - station Hinwil
  • 882 Bubikon - Dürnten - Oberdürnten - Breitenmatt train station

In the later evening hours, the Buxi serves the community of Dürnten instead of the large regular buses.

The S 26 Winterthur - Bauma - Rüti ZH of the S-Bahn Zurich runs every hour at Tanner Bahnhof .


Schoolhouse Tannenbühl

In the community of Dürnten there are a total of five primary schools, as well as the upper school in Nauen, which is located in Tann. The Blatt, Tannenbühl and Bogenacker schoolhouses are also located in the Tann district, the Oberdürnten schoolhouse of the same name in Oberdürnten and the Schuepis schoolhouse in Dürnten.

Youth work

The youth work in Dürnten is supervised by MOJUGA AG from Bubikon. This works in Dürnten in the fields of outreach youth work, youth meeting work, mobile contact point, project work and networking of the various club and youth organizations.

freetime and sports


In addition to the play facilities at the school buildings, there is only one public playground in Dürnten. This lies behind the Reformed Church in Dürnten and was created through the commitment of the Dürnten Playground Association and with the help of various sponsors.

Sports facilities

The municipality of Dürnten has four gyms (multi-purpose hall Blatt, gym at the Schuepis school building, gym and indoor swimming pool at the Bogenacker school), a large sports field at the Nauen school and a Vitaparcours between Tann and Oberdürnten. The indoor swimming pool at the Bogenacker school is reserved for school and club swimming, but is also open to the public every Monday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. There is a skate ramp on the premises of the secondary school in Nauen. In Tann there is the BoTa playground (Bogenacker and Tannenbühl, named after the school buildings). This is available to clubs and the entire population as a playground, football field, "sports field" (it is just a well-tended meadow).


There is a skate park and hockey area in the Fägy. The Fägy is an association and is supported by the community of Dürnten and the free churches as well as the Reformed regional church. At the moment she has her place of residence on the area of ​​the old silk factory at the entrance to Dürnten from the direction of Hinwil. But the Fägy's whereabouts in Dürnten is uncertain. A partial redesign of the facility with upgrading and structural expansion of the existing properties is planned.

Church building

Catholic church in the district of Tann

There are three churches in the municipality of Dürnten:

  • The Evangelical Reformed Church is located in the village center of Dürnten.
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity of the Roman Catholic parish Rüti-Dürnten-Bubikon is in the district of Tann.
  • The church building of the Methodist Church in Rüti-Wald-Hombrechtikon is also in Tann .
Ev.-Ref. Church in the district of Dürnten

Culture and sights

Culture days

The Dürnten Culture Days took place annually from 2007 to 2014. The culture days had to be canceled for 2015 because the municipal council could not win anyone for the culture commission under the financial circumstances.


The largest recurring folk festival is the Dürntner Chilbi. It takes place every year in the last or penultimate week of summer vacation and is an event organized by associations and private individuals.

Sewing machine museum

The sewing machine museum is located on the pilgrim's footbridge in Dürnten.



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Web links

Commons : Dürnten  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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