Hinwil district

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Hinwil district
Basic data
Country: SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Canton ZurichCanton Zurich Zurich (ZH)
Main town : Hinwil
FSO number : 0105
Area : 179.50  km²
Height range : 439–1291 m above sea level M.
Residents: 95,711 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 533 inhabitants per km²
Map of Hinwil district

The Hinwil district is a rural district in the east of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland , which essentially comprises the southern part of the Zurich Oberland .

Political communities

coat of arms Postcode Parish name Population
(December 31, 2018)
in km²
per km²
Bäretswil 8344 Bäretswil 5029 22.19 227
Bubikon 8608 Bubikon 7334 11.61 632
Dürnten 8635 Dürnten 7637 10.22 747
Fischenthal 8497 Fischenthal 2501 30.24 83
Gossau ZH 8625 Gossau (ZH) 10'222 18.26 560
Grüningen 8627 Grüningen 3475 8.79 395
Hinwil 8340 Hinwil 11,138 22.28 500
Rüti ZH 8630 Rüti (ZH) 12,174 10.06 1210
Sea trenches 8607 Sea trenches 1443 3.77 383
Forest ZH 8636 Forest (ZH) 9949 25.27 394
Wetzikon 8620 Wetzikon (ZH) 24,809 16.81 1476
Total (11) 95,711 179.50 533

Civil parishes

The following civil parishes still existed until the end of 2009 :


Postcode Name of the place local community
8345 Adetswil Bäretswil
Hinterbettswil Bäretswil
Hinterburg Bäretswil
Kleinbäretswil Bäretswil
Neuthal Bäretswil
Front bed willing Bäretswil
Wappenswil Bäretswil
8633 Wolfhausen Bubikon
Hare knit Dürnten
Oberdürnten Dürnten
8632 Fir Dürnten
8498 Gibswil Fischenthal
8498 Raad near Gibswil Fischenthal
8496 Footbridge in the Tösstal Fischenthal
8614 Bertschikon near Gossau Gossau
Brüschweid Gossau
8624 Grüt Gossau
Hellberg Gossau
Smack Gossau
8626 Ober-Ottikon Gossau
8626 Unter-Ottikon Gossau
Adletshausen Grüningen
Bächelsrüti Grüningen
Binzikon Grüningen
Wooden houses Grüningen
Oetwil am See
Itzikon Grüningen
Bossikon Hinwil
Redeem Hinwil
Girenbad Hinwil
Hadlikon Hinwil
Ringwil Hinwil
8342 Wernetshausen Hinwil
Fägswil Rüti ZH
8607 Aathal Sea trenches
Aretshalden Sea trenches
Ottenhausen Sea trenches
bag Sea trenches
Blattenbach Forest
Hittenberg Forest
Hueb Forest
8637 Laupen Forest
reed Forest
Ettenhausen Wetzikon
Kempten Wetzikon
Medikon Wetzikon
Oberwetzikon Wetzikon
Robenhausen Wetzikon


In the Helvetic , the canton of Zurich was divided into five administrative districts, the entire Zurich Oberland was part of the Uster district. The Zurich state constitution of 1814 divided the canton into eleven administrative districts or higher offices. The former rule Grüningen became the Oberamt Grüningen. In 1830, the rural people of the Oberamt Grüningen (as elsewhere in the canton) demanded reforms and demanded full equality between the city and the countryside. At a popular assembly in Uster on November 22nd, demands were made in a memorial. Due to popular pressure, elections to the new Grand Council took place on December 6, 1830.

Only three months later, on March 20, 1831, there was a referendum on the new cantonal constitution, which was approved by an overwhelming majority of those entitled to vote.

With the referendum of March 20, 1831, the upper offices were canceled. The municipalities of the hitherto Oberamt Grüningen formed the new District Hinwil - district capital was Hinwil .

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