The promise of a lifetime

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German title The promise of a lifetime
Original title The Water Diviner
Country of production Australia ,
United States
original language English , Turkish
Publishing year 2014
length 111 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Russell Crowe
script Andrew Anastasios ,
Andrew Knight
production Troy Lum ,
Andrew Mason ,
Keith Rodger
music David Hirschfelder
camera Andrew Lesnie
cut Matt Villa

The Water Diviner : (AKA The Water Diviner to German The dowser is) an Australian - American historical drama from the year 2014 . Russell Crowe is both a director and a leading actor. It premiered on December 26, 2014 in Australia and New Zealand . In Germany it was shown in cinemas on May 7, 2015.


During the First World War , at the end of the Battle of Gallipoli in late 1915 , Turkish soldiers advance against positions abandoned by Australian soldiers.

Review: The Australian farmer and water fortune teller Joshua Connor lives with his wife and three sons in northwest Victoria . Shortly after the outbreak of the First World War, his three sons join the army.

Four years later: Connor and his wife Eliza mourn their sons, all three of whom were reported as dead at Gallipoli . After the desperate Eliza committed suicide, Connor decides to travel to Gallipoli in Turkey. With the help of his dowsing experience, he wants to find the graves of his sons.

In Turkey, the British occupation forces denied him access to the Gallipoli battlefield. But Ayse, a Turkish war widow , encourages him and helps him to get to Gallipoli after all. There he finds the graves of two of his sons. Connor befriends the Turkish Major Hasan and Sergeant Cemal, who were both involved in the fighting at Gallipoli. One of the two finds out that Connor's eldest son Arthur has been captured and may still be alive in a prison camp in southern Anatolia.

Back in Istanbul, Connor is asked by the British to leave the country immediately. Connor finds out that Major Hasan and Cemal belong to a volunteer corps in the Turkish War of Liberation under Mustafa Kemal Pascha . Connor, who is now called Mr.  Anzac by the Turks in allusion to the acronym of the Australian-New Zealand troops , sets off towards Ankara with Hasan, Cemal and others. On the way is the former prison camp where his son Arthur is said to have been imprisoned.

The group is attacked by Greek soldiers on the train ride. Only Connor and Hasan can save themselves and continue on their way. When they pass a village, Connor gets a feeling that his son is staying here. Connor finds his son and now also knows why he has not returned. Tormented by guilt for not having protected his two younger brothers, he preferred to stay away from home. Connor sees what mistake he made and takes the blame on himself. Both flee to Istanbul from the approaching Greek army.

In the last scene you see Ayse and Connor slowly getting closer and being able to show their affection for each other more openly. It remains to be seen whether they will become a couple.


The 111-minute film was shot in 2014 in Australia and Turkey. The film premiered in Australia and New Zealand in December 2014 and became the most successful Australian film of 2014.

In 2009, the screenwriter Andrew Anastasios was looking for a way to tell the events surrounding the Battle of Gallipoli from a new perspective. In doing so, he came across a footnote referring to an unknown Australian father who had traveled to Turkey to search for the grave of his fallen son. Together with television producer Andrew Knight , they developed the script for the film and presented it to Russell Crowe. He took over the production together with Kerry Stokes and James Packer.


The film received mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, averaging 63 percent.

The film received nine nominations at the AACTA Awards 2015. He was able to win three of them, for the best film (shared with The Babadook ), the best supporting actor ( Yılmaz Erdoğan ) and for the best costume design ( Tess Schofield ).

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