The fly 2

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German title The fly 2
Original title The Fly II
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1989
length about 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Chris Walas
script Mick Garris ,
Jim Wheat ,
Ken Wheat ,
Frank Darabont
production Stuart Cornfeld ,
Steven-Charles Jaffe
music Christopher Young
camera Robin Vidgeon
cut Sean Barton

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Die Fliege

The Fly 2 is an American horror film from the year 1989 and the continuation of the movie The Fly by David Cronenberg , who on the short story The Fly by George Langelaan based. Directed by Chris Walas . The film opened in German cinemas on May 25, 1989.


Martin Brundle, the son of Seth Brundle (prehistory see Die Fliege ), is born in the laboratory of Bartok Inc. His mother Veronica Quaife dies in childbirth. Martin develops extremely quickly and has enormous intelligence, but he suffers from the prison-like conditions of his forced isolation.

The Bartok company previously supported Martin's father Seth in his research into teleportation and has now tried unsuccessfully to perfect this technology. During his nightly forays through the laboratory, Martin befriends a test dog and later has to watch this dog being transformed into a deformed monster if it fails. At five, Martin is a full-grown man and works for Bartok. He discovered his penchant for women in the form of his colleague Beth Logan. Together they complete the work of Martin's father and make the teleporter functional.

Over time, Martin begins to change and while rummaging through old video recordings, he learns of the fate of his father, who has transformed into a new way of life by merging with a fly. This fate awaits Martin too. Although he develops a healing method, he has to merge with a healthy organism, which in turn takes over the genetic defect from Martin.

When Martin finds out the real reason for his stay with Bartok (one wants to earn money with his mutated way of life), he flees with Beth. When Martin pupates, however, Beth gives the whereabouts of the two to the company boss Anton Bartok. Martin then experiences his second birth in the laboratory, and as a monstrous fly-human hybrid he takes revenge on his tormentors who have tormented him throughout his life. In the film's showdown , he manages to fuse genes with Anton Bartok personally and Martin is cured.

background information

  • Jeff Goldblum took on the role of Seth Brundle as in Part 1. Since he was shot in Die Fliege , in Part 2 he is only seen on videotapes on which he talks about his research.
  • Director Chris Walas made a name for himself as a makeup artist for the films Gremlins - Little Monsters , Enemy Mine and Arachnophobia . In 1986 he received an Oscar for his work on Die Fliege .
  • The film, like the first film, was produced by Mel Brooks ' production company Brooksfilms .
  • Daphne Zuniga worked as Princess Vespa in Spaceballs with Mel Brooks.
  • Eric Stoltz took over the role of Martin Brundle only after some script changes. Vincent D'Onofrio was previously shortlisted for the role.
  • Seeing no way to develop the role of Veronica Quaife, Geena Davis turned down the offer to star in the opening sequence of The Fly 2 . Saffron Henderson got the role because of her resemblance to Geena Davis.
  • In Germany, the FSK originally gave the film an age rating of 18 and over and was indexed . Therefore, a version shortened by around two minutes was made, which was approved for ages 16 and over and was also allowed to be shown on free TV. On May 31, 2003, the film was removed from the index; In August 2011, the unabridged version was approved for ages 16 and over after a re-examination. Since the amendment to the Youth Protection Act in 2003, an age rating protects the film from being indexed again.


"A case of 'like father, like son' too bad director Walas isn't like David Cronenberg (...) Alternately dull and messy but mostly dull (...)."

“A case of 'Like father like son'; just stupid that director Walas is not like David Cronenberg. (...) Alternately dull and sloppy, but mainly dull (...). "

- Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide 1999

“A continuation of a horror hit, which dramatically relies on simple good-bad conflicts and tries to create tension in vain with overemphasized disgusting scenes. A disappointment even for genre friends. "

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