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Dionis Wasserburg (completely Johann Dionysius Bernhard Wasserburg ) (born October 25, 1813 in Mainz , † June 16, 1885 ibid) was a German lithographer .


Dionis Wasserburg was the son of Andreas Wasserburg (1775-1853) and his wife Dorothea geb. Bornemann, one of his brothers was Philipp Wasserburg (1827-1897). He learned the lithograph trade in Mainz and went to Switzerland in autumn 1835 , where he became a member of the local club of the political craftsmen's organization Young Germany of Vormärz in Neuchâtel . In July 1836 he was deported to France and transferred to London . There he married Sarah Louise Scheurer (born January 24, 1819 in London) in 1837, the daughter of a German cake baker. He returned to Mainz in 1837, where he opened a lithographic company in 1838 and ran it until his death. He changed apartments several times. He was buried in the main cemetery in Mainz .

Plate 3 The Aureus Chapel

Historical and architectural curiosities of Mainz

His main work is the work Historical and Architectural Curiosities of Mainz in Its Past and Present, published in the lithograph by D. Wasserburg in 35 deliveries , Mainz 1842.

The 35 large-format panels are based on older models and mostly show buildings that were destroyed or demolished during the French Revolution and the subsequent Napoleonic rule. Some lithographs were done by other lithographers who worked for Wasserburg: Pet. Calvi, JC Meyer, I. Nawratil. and H. Sturn

Complete copies of the work are extremely rare, as the views are usually sold individually in the art trade.


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