ENECO Tour 2005

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Final score
winner Bobby Julich 29:08:01 h
Second Erik Dekker +0: ​​21 min
Third Leif Hoste +0: ​​41 min
Fourth Thomas Dekker +0: ​​54 min
fifth Michael Blaudzun +1: 07 min
Sixth Rik Verbrugghe +1: 16 min
seventh Carlos Barredo +1: 22 min
Eighth Jurgen Van Den Broeck +1: 28 min
Ninth Andreas Klier +1: 57 min
Tenth Sergei Ivanov +2: 12 min
Scoring Allan Davis 132 P.
Second Max van Heeswijk 90 p.
Third Stefan van Dijk 69 P.
Mountain scoring Christian Vande Velde 68 P.
Second Jason McCartney 66 P.
Third Bart Dockx 32 P.
Young talent evaluation Thomas Dekker 29:08:55 h
Second Carlos Barredo +0: ​​28 min
Third Jurgen Van Den Broeck +0: ​​34 min

The 1st Eneco Tour , also known as the Benelux Tour , took place from 3rd to 10th August 2005. It was held in a prologue and seven stages over a distance of 1,186 km. The focus of the tour was in the Ardennes . In addition to the 20 UCI ProTeams , Shimano-Memory Corp , Chocolade Jacques and MrBookmaker.com took part. 136 drivers reached the finish in Etten-Leur .

The following rating jerseys were awarded:

  • Red jersey for the first in the overall ranking
  • White-red jersey for the first in the mountain classification
  • Blue jersey for the first of the points classification
  • Yellow jersey for the first in the junior competition


stage Day Start − destination km Stage winner Overall rating
prolog 3rd August Mechelen ( B ) 5.7 ( EZF ) BelgiumBelgium Rik Verbrugghe BelgiumBelgium Rik Verbrugghe
1st stage 4th of August Geel (B) - Geldrop-Mierlo ( NL ) 170 NetherlandsNetherlands Max van Heeswijk NetherlandsNetherlands Max van Heeswijk
2nd stage 5th of August Geldrop-Mierlo (NL) - Sittard-Geleen (NL) 180 ItalyItaly Simone Cadamuro NetherlandsNetherlands Max van Heeswijk
3rd stage 6th of August Beek (NL) - Landgraaf (NL) 210 AustraliaAustralia Allan Davis BelgiumBelgium Rik Verbrugghe
4th stage August 7th Landgraaf - Verviers (B) 217 ItalyItaly Alessandro Ballan BelgiumBelgium Rik Verbrugghe
5th stage 8th August Verviers - Hasselt (B) 195 NetherlandsNetherlands Max van Heeswijk BelgiumBelgium Rik Verbrugghe
6th stage August 9 Sint-Truiden (B) - Hoogstraten (B) 182 BelgiumBelgium Stefan van Dijk BelgiumBelgium Rik Verbrugghe
7th stage August 10 Etten-Leur (NL) 26.3 ( EZF ) United StatesUnited States Bobby Julich United StatesUnited States Bobby Julich

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