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The Einrich (formerly Heirich) is a landscape in the northeast of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate , more precisely in the Rhein-Lahn district , and forms the lower northwest part of the Taunus ( Western Hintertaunus ).

Geography and location

View to the west over Miehlen and the Nastätter Mulde to the Middle Rhine Taunus

The Einrich is bordered in the west by the Rhine , in the north by the Lahn and in the east by the Aar valley . In the south, the Einrich extends approximately to the Sankt Goarshausen –Sandersmühle line; The latter is located at the mouth of a nameless stream in the Aar and belongs to the municipality of Reckenroth , diagonally across from Michelbach (district and district of Aarbergen on the right bank of the Aar). Einrichs south of the terrain rises gradually to Rheingaugebirge , southeast for High Taunus , the so-called Taunus main ridge . The Roman Limes ran right through the area .

The plateaus reach average heights between (northwest) 250 and 450  m above sea level. NHN (southeast). At the border with Hesse is the horror head a height of 543.4  meters above sea level. NHN reached on the Kemeler ridge (near Holzhausen an der Haide ). Other notable elevations are the roofs ( 456.6  m ) near Dachsenhausen , the Weißler Höhe ( 456.2  m ) near Oberfischbach , the circular wall ( 448.9  m ) near Obertiefenbach , the Wehrholz ( 443.4  m ) near Rettert and the Ergenstein ( 419.7  m ) near Schönborn .

The towns and communities in Einrich belong to the municipalities of Aar-Einrich , Nastätten and Loreley . The locals usually restrict the facility to the area of ​​the former community of Katzenelnbogen . The approximately 32-kilometer-long Dörsbach crosses the Einrich over the Katzenelnbogen plateau .


Originally the Einrich was a Gaugrafschaft , which was first mentioned in a document with pagus Heinrichi ( Reign of Heinrich ) in 790. Later names are Enrichi (880), Heinrike (882), Einriche (1023, 1051, 1107 and 1182), Einrichha (1039), Einrichi (1042) and Eynricha (1163).

The following are documented by Gaugrafen: Hugo (978), Berthold (1042), Arnold (1050) and Ludwig (1067).

The Gau belonged to trie step Sprengel and was part of the country chapter Boppard .

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