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Field (Middle High German for 'even, smooth corridor', 'Grain field'; Old High German for 'Ebenes, Wide') stands for:

  • an area for games and sports, the playing field
  • an agricultural area for the cultivation of useful plants, see arable land
  • Area of ​​non-ionizing radiation, see electromagnetic field
  • a geological raw material deposit and mining area, see deposit
  • in the military ("in the field") generally the theater of war
  • a function that assigns a physical quantity to each point in space, field (physics)
  • In technical mechanics, the area of ​​a girder between two supports, see beam theory
  • Especially in the case of bridges, a spanned section, the bridge field
  • for weir systems in hydraulic engineering, the individually adjustable flow opening, see weir field
  • the area that remained between the rifling of the barrel of a weapon, see traction (weapon)
  • in information technology a data structure, field (data type)
  • a subordinate structural element of a data record or a data structure, the data field
  • a graphical user interface control, the text field
  • in sociology the totality of social interactions and constellations, see social field
  • a literary-sociological concept, see literary field
  • a group of related words, word field
  • in psychology a position function in the living space of an individual, see field theory (psychology)
  • in medicine regions in the brain, see somatotopics
  • an area in the escutcheon, see field (heraldry)

Field are the following communities, localities, districts and hamlets:

  • Feld (St. Niklaus) , hamlet of the municipality of St. Niklaus in the canton of Valais, Switzerland

Field is the family name of the following people:

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