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Frank Laufenberg, 2016

Frank Laufenberg (born January 2, 1945 in Lebus ) is a German presenter , journalist and author . He is regarded as a connoisseur of the rock and pop scene .


Laufenberg grew up in Cologne and worked from 1967 to 1970 as an artist supervisor for Electrola . He had already gained music and microphone experience as a DJ and through an oldie broadcast delivered on tape at SDR Stuttgart . By accompanying a pop star to a radio interview on behalf of EMI , he came into contact with Walther Krause , the “inventor” and editor-in-chief of the new radio youth magazine Pop Shop in the third radio program of Südwestfunk Baden-Baden , in early 1970 . Krause hired him on probation for two weeks. This week turned into many successful years. Laufenberg was one of the co-founders of the Pop Shop. The Südwestfunk explained: “A new SWF radio program structure with three differently accented programs comes into force. While SWF1 remains a 'family program' and SWF2 remains a varied minority program, the youth program 'Pop-Shop' starts in SWF3 at lunchtime with the presenters from the very beginning: Walther Krause, Karlheinz Kögel , Guido Schneider, Walter Fuchs , the country specialist, and Frank Laufenberg. With programs like Pop Shop, SWF3-Radioclub and Facts and Records , this team did pioneering work in the field of music broadcasts. "

1980 landed Laufenberg with the rap -Formation GLS-United ( G ottschalk , L Aufenberg, S exauer ) titled Rapper's German  - a cover of Rapper's Delight , the German language as the first hip-hop -Track applies - number 49 of the German hit parade . Laufenberg commented on the success at the time: "We wanted to call ourselves 'Die Fantastischen Drei' back then - but that was too arrogant for us."

From 1980 to 1990, he hosted weekly for the WDR - television together with Marijke Amado and Jürgen von der Lippe the WWF Club . For several years he presented 250 episodes of the game show Supergrips for Bayerischer Rundfunk . For the Südwestfunk, Laufenberg moderated the music program Ohne Filter with many live TV appearances by international bands and performers. Other television programs were the ZDF Schülerexpress, the ZDF pin board and KuK at WDR. In September 1990 he switched to Sat.1 for the programs Frank & frei and Zapp . On the part of those responsible at SWF3, that was a reason for Laufenberg's termination on the grounds that as an employee of a public service institution he was not allowed to work for a commercial private broadcaster at the same time. His resignation caused a sensation in the press.

Laufenberg wrote monographs on Joe Cocker , Cliff Richard and Deep Purple as well as numerous comprehensive works on the history of pop music, a. a. Frank Laufenberg's rock and pop lexicon . Meyer's Großes Universal-Lexikon uses his definition and explanation on the subject of rock music. His rock and pop diary has appeared in translation in all English-speaking countries.

From 1991 to 1996 Laufenberg worked for the radio station RPR 1 . There he had a show called Pop! In the program, listeners could call and find songs that neither the station's editorial team nor the audience knew in advance or knew by whom they were being sung. The callers hummed or sang the passages they were still familiar with, and in most cases Laufenberg was able to provide the respective answer immediately and then play the appropriate song. Between 1996 and 1999 he had a teaching position on the subject of pop music at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe . From 1999 to 2010 Laufenberg worked at SWR1 and mainly moderated the weekly program The Biggest Hits of All Time . On January 2, 2010, on his 65th birthday, Laufenberg hosted his last program on SWR. From December 2010 to the summer of 2013 he moderated at the Ingolstadt DAB station Coolradio, which has since repeated these programs from the archive many times. Frank Laufenberg is the initiator, producer and presenter of the Internet radio "PopStop", which has been broadcasting since October 29, 2013. Since April 2018 Frank Laufenberg has had two regular programs on SR 3 Saarlandwelle: on Fridays at 1.40 p.m. the SR 3 kiosk, on Saturday after 8 p.m. the SR 3 oldies evening.

Frank Laufenberg suffered a stroke in February 2008 , but this did not affect his ability to speak or perceive, which is why the moderator was able to continue his job. He has been married to the painter and writer Petra Laufenberg since 2010.


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