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Helmut Zapf (born March 4, 1956 in Rauschengesees , Thuringia ) is a German composer .


Helmut Zapf studied church music from 1974 to 1979 at the church music schools in Eisenach (Thuringia) and Halle (Saale). During this time, Zapf took part in the summer courses for new music in Gera (Thuringia).

After completing his studies, he worked from 1979 to 1982 as a cantor at the town church in Eisenberg (Thuringia) . Up until the beginning of his master class studies with Georg Katzer at the Academy of Arts of the GDR in Berlin (1982–1986), his first autodidactic compositions, including a. the works Singender Mann for flute solo, Brechungen I and II for flute and string trio , Klangetüde II for orchestra, recitative for oboe and string quartet.

Since completing his master class, Helmut Zapf has lived and worked as a freelance composer in Zepernick ( Panketal ) near Berlin.

He has been a member of the Berlin Academy of the Arts since 2015 .


(Selection from recent works)

Chamber music

  • 2003: Trionfale II for trumpet in C, horn in F, trombone, tuba and 2 accordions
  • 2003: Albedo IX for baglama, flute, clarinet, horn and piano
  • 2004: Leer und silent for soprano, violin and guitar
  • 2004: When Winter Comes for Violin and Guitar
  • 2004: Odem for C-flute (picc.bssfl.), Oboe (Englhr.), Clarinet in Bb (bassfl.), Tuba
  • 2004: Odem II for accordion and piano
  • 2005: A mouth full of wind for mezzo-soprano, treble recorder, vibraphone (and timpani) and piano Text: after Wolfgang Hilbig , gesture
  • 2005: Klangetüde III for violin, 4 baglamas and piano
  • 2005: Account for altus and oboe, text: Wolfgang Hilbig
  • 2006: Accountancy version for soprano and soprano saxophone
  • 2006: Fragments for clarinet in Bb and string trio
  • 2007: Sand for chamber ensemble (fl.cl.sax.vl.va.vc.pn)
  • 2008: Accountancy version for soprano and violoncello

Chamber music with electronics

  • 2006: Skeleton for clarinet in Bb, accordion, double bass and live electronics
  • 2006: Break the song of the machines. Break up! for chamber ensemble (fl.ob.kl.hr.vl.vc.cb.pn.perc.soprano) and CD playback
  • 2006: The golden calf for chamber ensemble (fl.ob.kl.tp.trb.vl.va.2vc.kb.2perc.pn.soprano) and CD playback

Percussion music

  • 2006: Rigid Gold - White Silence for percussion quartet
  • 2006: Randspiel for percussion solo and CD playback

Organ music

  • 2004: Ombre per Organo II (... that's our happiness ...) for organ and CD playback
  • 2004: Sound descriptions II for organ solo

Choral music

  • 2004: The worried faces 4-8 harmonious. according to Choir and solos (SATB), text: W.Hilbig
  • 2007: Migration 4-8 consistent according to Choir, alto saxophone and electronics, text: Old Testament

Music with a scene

  • 2006: The Golden Calf Ballet for chamber ensemble (fl.ob.kl.trp.tb.akk.hf.pn.perc.perc.vl.va.vc.vc.cb.), Sopr. & Electronics - Libretto Dr. Ulrike Liedtke - WP
  • 2007: New palace theater of the Rheinsberg Music Academy - ensemble mosaik berlin - Direction: Arno Waschk

Radio play music



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