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Herbert Wilhelmy (1980)

Herbert Wilhelmy (born February 4, 1910 in Sondershausen ; † February 1, 2003 in Tübingen ) was a German geographer .


Wilhelmy studied geography , geology and ethnology at the universities of Gießen , Bonn , Vienna (1930) and most recently Leipzig . In 1932, Heinrich Schmitthenner , a student of Alfred Hettner , did his doctorate with geomorphological work on the surface forms of the Isker area . A morphogenesis of western Bulgaria . His habilitation in Kiel as assistant to Oskar Schmieder (from 1932) was also devoted to Upper Bulgaria : The rural settlements and the rural economy (1935), Sofia , changes in a large city between Orient and Occident (1936). At the University of Kiel in 1939 paid dietary lecturer, 1942 extraordinary professorship until 1954, interrupted by a draft as a meteorologist and head of a research institute in the Ukraine (1941–1943).

In 1954 he accepted a position at the University of Stuttgart as successor to Hermann Lautensach .

1959/60 visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley , where he worked with James J. Parsons (1915–1997) - a student of Carl O. Sauer (1889–1975) - and the interest of William M. Denevan (* 1931 ) for a dissertation in the Llanos de Mojos . He then went to the University of Tübingen as the successor to Hermann von Wissmann , where he retired in 1978 .

Since 1939 he was with Renate Wilhelmy, geb. Wolf, married. The children Lothar , Uta and Maren emerged from the marriage.


Wilhelmy was a universalist whose research spanned a thematically broad spectrum in physical geography and human geography . In the physical area he dealt with the sub-areas of geomorphology , climatic and vegetation geography and in the human area with population and settlement geography , especially the cultural-genetic urban geography , and the analysis of economic areas . He was also active in the field of cartography . In addition to the Balkans, which he traveled to during the semester break as a student in Vienna, since his time in Kiel as a student of Oskar Schmieder and the collaboration in the Overseas German Research Association , he has dealt with Latin America, especially Colombia and the La Plata countries . He published further work on the Indus - Delta as well as two books about Alexander von Humboldt .




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