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Hermann Franz Wolf Rieß von Scheurnschloß (born October 1, 1854 in Kassel , † April 4, 1917 in Zurich ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .


He was a son of the Electorate Hessian secret councilor Karl Riess von Scheurnschloß and his wife, a born cook.

Prussian Army

Riess of Scheuernschloss occurred on 1 September 1873 as an ensign in the 4th Guards Grenadier Regiment "Queen" of the Prussian Army in Koblenz and was on 11 February 1875 to second lieutenant promoted. From October 1, 1877 to September 30, 1882, he acted as adjutant of the 2nd Battalion and then completed the war academy for three years for further training . In position à la suite of his regiment, Riess von Scheurnschloß was commanded as adjutant to the 44th Infantry Brigade in Kassel. On November 19, 1889, he returned to his main regiment as a captain and company commander . This was followed from October 6, 1895, when he was assigned to service in the War Ministry , to which Rieß von Scheurnschloß was transferred with his promotion to major on December 21, 1895. On March 29, 1900, he was transferred to the 4th Guards Regiment on foot . Here he initially commanded the 1st Battalion and on December 18, 1901, transferred to the regimental staff. In this position, promoted to lieutenant colonel on April 22, 1902 , Rieß von Scheurnschloß was appointed commander of Landwehr district III Berlin on February 14, 1905 , and was promoted to colonel on April 22, 1905 . From May 18, 1907 to October 26, 1908, he was in command of the 3rd Foot Guards Regiment . He was then commissioned with the leadership of the 3rd Guard Infantry Brigade and appointed Riess von Scheurnschloß with simultaneous promotion to major general to the command of this large unit . Under awarding of the character he was born on April 6, 1912 due to a heart condition with the law as a lieutenant general board for disposition made.

German research institute for aviation

After the "Verein Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt eV" (DVL) was founded in Berlin on April 20, 1912 under the provisional presidency of Colonel Hugo Schmiedecke , Rieß von Scheurnschloß became its president in October 1912. The association employed a number of engineers and scientists who dealt with the development of the still very young aviation.

First World War

When the First World War broke out barely two years later , Rieß von Scheurnschloß was reused as a ZD officer. According to the mobilization plan , from August 2, 1914, he was in command of the 17th Replacement Infantry Brigade and soon afterwards of the 17th Landwehr Infantry Brigade in the 3rd Landwehr Division under the also reactivated Lieutenant General Götz von King . His brigade marched with the division in the formation of the Landwehr Corps via Kalisch in Poland and advanced as far as the Vistula . As a result, she was involved in the support of the retreating Austro-Hungarian troops in Galicia and then set up in November 1914 for defense in Czestochowa in order to prevent the threatened attack by Russian units on the mining area in Upper Silesia . After General von König took over the leadership of the Landwehr Corps on December 4, 1914, Rieß von Scheurnschloß became its successor as its commander of the 3rd Landwehr Division. In this position he received the patent for his rank as lieutenant general. In September 1914 he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class and in January 1915 the Cross 1st Class.

The heavy winter fighting sapped his poor health. On April 27, 1915, he handed the division over to Lieutenant General Otto Chelius to return to Germany for treatment, and was put up for disposition. After a temporary improvement he devoted himself from the summer of 1916 to the affairs of the research institute for aviation. His health deteriorated over the winter. He went to Zurich for treatment and died there on April 4, 1917.


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