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Map section of the Wiebeking map of 1789 with the Honschaft Bensberg. Up is east.

The Honschaft Bensberg was from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, a Honschaft in the parish of Bensberg in office Porz in the Duchy of Berg . The honors of Bensberg have been expanded over the years to include places from the former honors of Altenbrück and Oberhausen . In 1742 the Immekeppel family was split off.

From the Charter of the Duchy of Berg in 1789 by Carl Friedrich von Wiebeking shows that the Kirchdorf Bensberg Titularort was the Honschaft and the parish. The honor was assigned to the Herkenrath messenger office and the Bensberg Higher Court . In the  Wiebeking map  of 1789 the limits of the Honschaft Bensberg are shown; it is roughly equivalent to today's  district  Bensberg Honschaft. The honors did not include the town of Bensberg by name. The area around the old castle and the surrounding villages formed the Bensberg freedom .

At the time, the honors included the old Weyer , Birkerhof , Broichen , Hardt , Herweg , ( small and large ) Hohn, Holz , Hummelsbroich , Liefer, Ober- and Nieder- moitzfeld , Neuenhaus , Platz , Schwiegelshohn , Siefen ( Hundsiefen ), Steinacker residential areas and stone house .

Under French administration between 1806 and 1813, the Porz office was dissolved and Bensberg was politically assigned to Mairie Bensberg in the canton of Bensberg in the Mülheim am Rhein arrondissement . In 1816 the Prussians converted the Mairie to the mayor's office in Bensberg in the Mülheim am Rhein district .

In 1975, the current city of Bergisch Gladbach was created on the basis of the Cologne Act , to which Bensberg was incorporated.

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