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Archbishop Ioan Vancea as council father, 1870
Archbishop Ioan Vancea

Ioan Vancea also Vancsa (born May 18, 1820 in Văşad , Bihar County , Grand Duchy of Transylvania ; † July 31, 1892 in Blaj ) was Romanian-Greek Catholic Archbishop of Făgăraş and Alba Iulia .


Ioan Vancea, of noble descent, attended elementary school in his hometown and moved to Oradea (Greater Oradea ) in 1828 . There he attended the monastery school (grammar school) of the Premonstratensians . In 1841 he studied at the " Barbareum " in Vienna . In 1845 he returned to Oradea as a doctor of theology , where he was ordained a priest on August 10, 1845 . On December 7, 1845, he was sent to Vienna for further studies in ecclesiastical law, where he earned another doctorate. Back in Oradea, on July 1, 1848, he became deputy notary, professor and secretary of Bishop Vasile Erdely . Appointed cathedral chapter in 1855 , he became director of the diocesan office and diocesan inspector, but remained secretary of the bishops .

On September 7, 1865 he was elected to succeed the late Ioan Alexi as Bishop of Gherla, Armenopoli, Szamos-Ujvár ( German : Neuschloss / Armenierstadt ; Hungarian : Szamosújvár ). Pope Pius IX confirmed the election on September 25, 1865. On December 3, 1865, he was in the cathedral of Oradea by Iosif Papp-Szilágyi , Archbishop of Oradea , ordained a bishop. On January 28, 1866, he was installed in his diocese. He set up schools with teaching in Romanian and created funds to support them , from which scholarships were awarded. He founded a printing company to produce teaching material and church documents and set up a theological seminar.

On November 21, 1868 he was elected Archbishop of Făgăraş and Alba Iulia and confirmed by the Pope on December 21. On April 11, 1869 he was by Alexandru Dobra , the Bishop of Lugoj , as envoy of the Holy Father Pius IX. installed in the Trinity Cathedral in Blaj as Metropolitan in his Archdiocese.

He called for the 20. – 22. October 1869 a diocesan synod and traveled at the invitation of Pope Pius IX. after Rome and advice and council father of I. Vatican . He created further educational institutions, especially in rural areas and facilities to improve the infrastructure of rural areas, through water supply, sewerage, paths and road construction.

He died on July 31, 1892 and was buried in the cathedral's crypt .

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