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Today's view of the former St. Irminen Monastery (formerly Oeren) in Trier
Echternach monastery church

Irmina von Oeren , also Irmina von Trier , († 704/710), was the wife of Hugobert from the Hugobertiner family , who presumably carried the title of Seneschal and Count Palatine . Her parents are not known, even if she was mistakenly listed in the Trier tradition as the daughter of the Merovingian king Dagobert I at least since the 11th century . The only thing that is certain is that she belonged to one of the powerful families in Australia , which was closely connected to the Carolingians , and that she is one of Charlemagne's ancestors .

She was the mother of

After Hugobert's death in 697, Irmina von Oeren was the co-founder of the Echternach monastery , the foundations of which she laid in 697/698 through a donation together with Basin , the bishop of Trier and his nephew Liutwin , and which she entrusted to Willibrord .

She was the second abbess of the women's monastery Oeren (originally St. Marien, later renamed St. Irminen) in Trier . The Trier tradition erroneously names her as the founder of this monastery.

The monastery was founded between 635 and 650 under Bishop Modoald in the facilities of the Roman granaries ( horrea - which later became Oeren ) on the right bank of the Moselle . The first abbess was Modesta von Oeren . Modesta belonged to the Austrasian nobility. Modesta was friends with Gertrud von Nivelles and Chlodulf , Bishop of Metz.

Irmina died between 704 and 710, probably in late 705 or early 706, since on May 13, 706 Willibrord placed Echternach under the rule and protection of Pippin the Middle. On the other hand, it should at December 24 708 White Castle in Alsace have been buried where still in the 15th century , the corpus integrum sce. Yrmene virginis, filie Dagoberti regis was counted among the relics .

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