Jacques Bazin de Bezons, marquis de Bezons

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Jacques Bazin de Bezons
Coat of arms of Jacques Bazin de Bezons

Jacques Bazin de Bezons , marquis de Bezons (born November 14, 1646 in Paris , † May 22, 1733 ibid) was a marshal of France and governor of Cambrai . At the same time he was State Councilor and Director of Languedoc .


Origin and family

He was the second son of Claude Bazin de Bezons , Councilor of State and brother of Archbishop Armand Bazin de Bezons.

He was married to Marie-Marguerite (daughter of Antoine Le Menestrel († 1700)), seigneur de Hanguel, "Grand audiencier de France" (chief officer of the "Grande chancellerie de France" - the king's chancellery and secretary of the king, with a annual salary of 200,000 livres ). Progeny:

  1. Suzanne (* February 23, 1695, † June 19, 1726), married to Jean-Hector de Faÿ de La Tour-Maubourg
  2. Marguerite Marie (born November 2, 1696 † March 22, 1722), married to Jean-Claude de Lastic (before 1690–1753), Marquis de Saint-Jal;
  3. Jeanne Louise (born September 3, 1698, † December 1723) - religious sister in the convent of the Benedictine Sisters in Charonne ;
  4. Louis Gabriel (born January 1, 1700, † July 22, 1740), Marquis de Bezons, Mestre de camp in the Régiment de Dauphin-Étranger cavalerie ; Governor of the city and citadel of Cambrai married to Marie Anne Besnard de Maisons (1706–1740);
  5. Armand Bazin de Bezons (born March 30, 1701 in Paris, † May 11, 1778 in Carcassonne ), 63rd Abbé of the Abbey of Lagrasse (1721–1778), Bishop of Carcassonne (1730–1778, consecrated 1731);
  6. Catherine Scholastique (born February 10, 1706, † December 29, 1779 in Thury-Harcourt), Vicomtesse de Mably , married to Hubert François d'Aubusson, comte de La Feuillade (1707–1735)
  7. Jacques Étienne (born December 13, 1709, † February 3, 1742 in Paris), Capitaine in the Régiment de Dauphin-Étranger cavalerie , then Colonel in the Régiment de Beaujolais Infantry (1734), unmarried.

Military career

Jacques Bazin de Bezons served here in 1667 under the command of Maréchal Friedrich von Schomberg .

Promoted to Capitaine of the Cuirassiers , he was involved in the crossing over the Rhine and was seriously wounded in the battle of Seneffe . In 1675 he was promoted to Mestre de camp in the Régiment Royal-Navarre Cavalerie , and in 1688 to the Brigadier des armées du roi .

In this role he commanded the reserve corps in the battle of Steenkerke and in the battle of Neer winds .

In 1701 he fought in Germany and Italy in the battle of Chiari . In 1702 he was appointed lieutenant-général . He was involved in the battle of Luzzara and the siege of Governolo . He was then given command of Mantua and the army south of the Po .

In 1704 Jacques Bazin de Bezons commanded the sieges of Verceil and Ivrea . In 1708 he was posted to Spain and was involved in the capture of Tortosa . In 1709 he was promoted to Maréchal de France. In 1711, together with Marshal Henry d'Harcourt, he was given command of the Armée du Rhin (Rhine Army) in Germany.

After the death of Louis XIV , he became a member of the Régence council .



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