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The canton of Ahrweiler ( French Canton d'Ahrweiler ) was one of nine administrative units into which the arrondissement of Bonn in the Rhine-Moselle department was divided. The Canton was in the years 1798 to 1814 of the French Republic (1798-1804) and the Napoleonic Empire (1804-1814).

Before the annexation of the left bank of the Rhine in the First Coalition War , the administrative district of the canton of Ahrweiler belonged to the electorate of Cologne and various smaller lordships.

In 1814 the Rhine-Moselle department and with it the canton of Ahrweiler temporarily became part of the Generalgouvernements Mittelrhein and in 1815 came to the Kingdom of Prussia due to the agreements made at the Congress of Vienna . Under the Prussian administration, the canton of Ahrweiler became part of the newly formed district of Ahrweiler in the Koblenz administrative district in 1816 .

Administrative division

The canton of Ahrweiler was divided into four mairies. In 1808 a total of 8,956 inhabitants lived in the canton.

Mairie Ahrweiler

Ahrweiler with Bachem, Walporzheim and Marienthal-Ost, a total of 2380 inhabitants, belonged to the Mairie Ahrweiler ; Mayor: Kriechel (1808).

Mairie Brück

Six villages with a total of 2668 inhabitants belonged to the Mairie; Mayor: Linden (1808).

Mairie Gelsdorf

Four villages with a total of 1437 inhabitants belonged to the Mairie; Mayor: pits (1808).

Mairie Mayschoss

Five villages with a total of 2214 inhabitants belonged to the Mairie.


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