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The canton of Adenau (French: Canton de Adenau ) was one of nine administrative units into which the arrondissement of Bonn in the Rhine-Moselle department was divided. The Canton was in the years 1798 to 1814 of the French Republic (1799-1804) and the French Empire (1804-1814). The main town ( chief lieu ) was Adenau .

The canton was also a district court of justice .

Before the occupation of the Left Bank of the Rhine in the First Coalition War , the administrative district of the canton of Adenau belonged to the electorate of Cologne and partly to the Duchy of Arenberg .

In 1814, the canton of Adenau, like the entire Rhine-Moselle department, temporarily became part of the Generalgouvernement Mittelrhein , then belonged to the Generalgouvernement Nieder- and Mittelrhein and in 1815 came to the Kingdom of Prussia due to the agreements made at the Congress of Vienna . Under the Prussian administration, the canton of Adenau became part of the newly formed district of Adenau in the Koblenz administrative district in 1816 .

Administrative division

The canton of Adenau was divided into 20 municipalities with 65 localities, which were administered by three Mairies . In 1808 a total of 9213 inhabitants lived in the canton.

Mairie Adenau

The Mairie included 24 localities in nine municipalities with a total of 4604 inhabitants; Mayor: Köller (1808).

Mairie Aremberg

The Mairie belonged to 18 villages, five municipalities with a total of 1738 inhabitants; Mayor: Hartmann (1808).

Mairie Barweiler

Six parishes with a total of 2871 inhabitants belonged to the Mairie; Mayor: Manderfeld (1808).

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