Canton Lorient Center

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Canton Lorient Center
region Brittany
Department Morbihan
Arrondissement Lorient
main place Lorient
Dissolution date March 29, 2015
Residents 14,979 (Jan. 1, 2012)
Communities 1 (partially)
INSEE code 5617

The Canton Lorient Center was until 2015 a French canton in the Arrondissement of Lorient , in Morbihan department and in the region of Brittany .

Location of the canton Lorient-Center

The canton Lorient-Center comprised the central districts of the city of Lorient.


The canton was created in 1982 by dividing the cantons Lorient-1 and Lorient-2 into the cantons Lorient-Center, Lorient-Nord and Lorient-Sud. It was dissolved when the cantons were reorganized in 2015.

Population development

1990 1999 2006 2012
16,528 14,803 15,117 14,979