Ophthalmology Clinic

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Ophthalmology Clinic
Sponsorship City Council Timișoara ( Romanian: Consiliul Local al Municipiului Timișoara )
place Timișoara
state Timiș County
Country Romania
Coordinates 45 ° 45 '21 "  N , 21 ° 13' 29"  E Coordinates: 45 ° 45 '21 "  N , 21 ° 13' 29"  E
Ophthalmologist Conf. Univ. Dr. Mihnea Munteanu
beds 60
areas of expertise Ophthalmology
founding 1947
Website Ophthalmology Clinic on the Medical University website
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Eye Clinic 2010

The Clinic for Ophthalmology ( Romanian Clinica de Oftalmologie , popularly Barmherzigenspital , Romanian: Spitalul Mizericordienilor ) is a clinic on Strada Sfântu Ioan No. 4 in Timișoara , which was founded in 1947. After the nationalization of the private clinics by Decree 178 of August 3, 1948, the eye clinic was relocated to the former Mercy Hospital, the first hospital in Timisoara and the Banat .


Mercy Hospital

On April 5, 1724, the Franciscans founded the Brotherhood of St. John Nepomuk . The Nepomuk Brotherhood began building the city's first hospital in 1735. On the day the foundation stone was laid, the population, led by Bishop Franz Anton Engl Graf von Wagrain, went from the Franciscan Church to the statue of St. Nepomuk on the parade square in front of the town hall and from there to the building site for the hospital. Here an inscription in Latin was placed in the foundation stone, from which it can be seen that it is a work of charity.

The Banat country president Johann Andreas Graf von Hamilton , who was also president of the Nepomuk brotherhood, handed the new hospital over to the Order of the Brothers of Mercy on November 1, 1737 . With the approval of Emperor Charles VI. six friars arrived in Timisoara under the direction of Vicar Paulinus Temele . They also opened the city's first pharmacy, “Zum Granatapfel”, in the right wing of the building. At the site of Pharmacy was from 1748 to 1757 by the architect Johann Lechner of the Empress and with the financial donation Maria Theresia the Barmherzigenkirche built.

During the plague epidemic of 1738–39 , the Brothers of Mercy cared for the sick with self-sacrifice, four of whom lost their lives themselves.

During the siege of Timisoara by the Hungarian revolutionaries , both the church and the hospital of mercy burned to the ground in the night of July 6th to 7th, 1849. At the same time, a valuable library also fell victim to the fire. In 1851 the two buildings were rebuilt in their current form.

Eye clinic

In 1931 , after studying medicine in Germany at the universities of Tübingen , Freiburg im Breisgau , Munich , the Berlin Charité , in Würzburg and Heidelberg , Hans Röhrich took over the charity hospital and subjected the hospital to medical changes. He began the renovation of the hospital according to modern medical criteria and its expansion into a surgical clinic. The hospital was equipped with 55 beds. The first surgical - urological department was set up in Timișoara, the first intrathoracic interventions were carried out and the first lung removal in Romania . In 1931 300 operations were carried out, in 1931 there were already 600. In the following years between 800 and 1200 operations were registered. Until 1948, Dr. Röhrich achieved considerable success in the areas of kidney , bladder , prostate , gallbladder , bowel and thoracic surgery .

On October 1, 1948, the Mercy Hospital was nationalized. The University Clinic for Ophthalmology was established in the building. Its development began in 1947 in the Bürgerspital under the direction of Nikolaus Blatt and was transferred to the Barmherzigenspital a year later. Nikolaus Blatt was the first director of the newly founded eye clinic. The specialists at the eye clinic conducted research in the field of myopia , chronic visual disturbances , pathology and therapy of glaucoma , as well as the degeneration of the retina .

Municipal hospital for emergency medicine

In 2011, the Ophthalmology Clinic was affiliated to the Timișoara Municipal Hospital for Emergency Medicine (Romanian: Spitalul Clinic Municipal de Urgenţă Timișoara ). Since then, the hospital has been functioning as a department of the newly established municipal clinic for emergency medicine.

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