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1949–1950 the car bodies for the M 262.0 railcar were manufactured near Královopolská

Královopolská as is a mechanical engineering company founded in Brno , Czech Republic, in 1889 .


The company was founded on September 26, 1889 in Königsfeld near Brno (today the Královo Pole district ) as Lederer-Porgess Königsfelder Maschinenfabrik . In the beginning he mainly dealt with machine and boiler manufacture as well as products for the petrochemical industry . Since there was a great demand for tank wagons at that time, the manufacture of tanks for tank wagons and later the construction of complete tank wagons began, and with that the wagon building was introduced in the factory. In 1898, the construction of so-called cistern wagons as well as beer, meat and wine wagons was one of the main occupations of the wagon building department. From around 1895 company cars and passenger cars were also built in the factory.

The factory had already built more than a thousand cars in 1898 and at that time employed an average of 500 workers.

Around 1910 many patents for steam boilers were registered. In 1920 the production of cranes was added. The production of railway vehicles is an important pillar of the company. This was also a production area of ​​the company from 1939 to 1945.

From 1950 onwards the development of products for the chemical industry was carried out on a massive scale. From 1980 the company's main production field was the chemical industry, petrochemicals , steel construction, the manufacture of special cranes and facilities for nuclear power plants .

In 1994 the company was converted into a public limited company. Today Královopolská mainly produces machines for the chemical and petrochemical industry.


From 1890 to 1960 the company also manufactured rail vehicles, namely railroad cars , trams , steam railcars , motorized railcars and tenders . For individual motor vehicles, the plant took over the production of the car bodies ( ČSD series M 242.0 , ČSD series M 262.0 ).

Railroad car

In 1890, the first railroad car was made of twelve tank cars on an order from the Bohemian Northern Railway (BNB) . For a company in the petrochemical industry , it is not surprising that further vehicles of this type were delivered in the following years, namely for the Austro-Hungarian State Railway Company ( StEG), Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn (KFNB), Österreichische Nordwestbahn (ÖNWB) and the kk State Railways (kkStB). These types of wagons were also supplied to some crude oil production plants and breweries .

The product program further comprises the production of coal cars, flat cars and covered freight wagon . In the period from 1939 to 1945 in particular, individual parts (frames, bogies, car bodies) were delivered to the DRG and the ČSD state railways for this car park .

The first passenger car for the kkStB was manufactured as early as 1899 . Over the years, other cars have been delivered to various private railways and abroad. The company also produced ten Vienna light rail vehicles in 1901 and 1911 .

Tram cars

In 1903 the first railcars and sidecars for the Brno tram were manufactured, followed by more for the cities of Ostrava , Teplice and abroad by 1951 .

Steam railcar

In 1905 the Italian railway company Società Veneta ordered two steam railcars , which were given the designations AM1 and AM2. It is possible that there was only one delivery for this vehicle, because the billed material weight of 9,870 kg is less than the total weight of the vehicle (12,358 kg).

The local railway Saitz – Czeicz – Göding received the two steam railcars of the 1.3 series , which had a drive system based on the Komarek system . The machine system from the Adamov machine factory was housed in a two-axle bogie that was connected to the car body via a swivel joint. The vehicle was in service until 1925.


The highlight of the production of railway vehicles near Královopolská were the blue arrows of the
M 273.0 series before the war
After the war, the ČSD series M 284.0 was created

In 1928 the first internal combustion engine was produced near Kralovopolska. The following vehicles were delivered to ČSD up to 1952 :

The M 221.102 (Transport Museum Bratislava ) and M 273.006 in the National Technical Museum in Prague - Chomutov depot have been preserved .


Tenders for steam locomotives were also manufactured from 1943 to 1951, namely for the 555.0 , 556.0 and 475.1 series .


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