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The federal fire brigade associations ( LFV ) are the organizations in Austria in which all fire brigades of the respective federal state are members.

With the exception of the Vienna State Fire Brigade Association, which is organized as an association, the state fire brigade associations are independent corporations under public law .


While the Federal Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV), which is above the regional associations, is only a voluntary union of the regional associations on an association basis, the regional fire brigade associations (except Vienna) have the right to set up binding regulations for each individual fire brigade. This means that the guidelines of the Federal Fire Brigade Association only become effective if the individual state associations have adopted them in their regulations in accordance with the applicable state laws. A typical example is the training in 2000 , where the regional associations agreed for the first time on a larger scale on common training guidelines in the basic training, which affects each individual fire service member.

The state association represents the interests of the individual fire brigades vis-à-vis the state government and the state parliament , which is the legislator in fire-fighting matters.

Further tasks of the state fire brigade associations are:

  • Ensuring a uniform organization of fire brigades in the state,
  • the supervision of the member services,
  • the general, but also special training of fire brigade members,
  • the organization of technical developments,
  • the creation of social security for the fire brigade members,
  • the organization of the respective disaster relief services ,
  • honoring deserving fire brigade members and other people who have rendered outstanding services to the fire brigade,
  • maintaining cooperation with other national and international fire service organizations.

The office of most of the state fire brigade associations is the respective state fire brigade command . The levels between the individual fire brigades and the state fire brigade associations (e.g. district fire brigade commander) are also part of the state fire brigade association, i.e. there are only command structures between the state fire brigade commanders and the commanders of the individual fire brigades, but no separate bodies.

The seat of the state fire brigade association is usually also the location of the state fire brigade school . In the majority of cases he is also the operator of the schools. Lower Austria is an exception . In Vienna the fire brigade school is part of the professional fire brigade. The state fire brigade associations are also often the operators of a fire brigade museum that provides information about the fire brigade in the respective federal state. The various fire service competitions are also organized and carried out by the associations every year .


The individual state fire brigade associations came into being soon after the individual fire brigades were founded. Not only in the area of ​​today's Austria, but also in the crown lands , there were associations, such as the state fire brigade associations of Bohemia, Moravia-Silesia. The South Tyrolean fire brigades belonged to the Tyrolean regional association until 1918.

The members of the associations are recruited from all federal states as well as from all types of fire services. In contrast to the Viennese regional association, the volunteer fire brigades have the majority in all regional associations . Additional members are the company fire brigades .

The highest body of a state fire brigade association is the state fire brigade commander , in Vorarlberg the state fire brigade inspector. He and his deputy are appointed or elected depending on the state law. He has the highest rank within the federal state, which corresponds to a rank between the lieutenant general and the general in the armed forces.

All regional fire brigade associations are members of the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV).

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State fire brigade associations


  • Location: Eisenstadt
  • Current state fire brigade commander: Alois Kögl (since 2009)

The state fire brigade association consists of 319 local or city fire brigades, 7 company fire brigades . The seven districts are divided into 44 fire brigade sections and two free cities.

The highest body of the Burgenland state fire brigade association is the state fire brigade commander, who is appointed or dismissed by the state government.


Although the first Burgenland fire brigade was founded in what is now Sopron in 1866, the Burgenland regional association for fire and rescue services was not founded until 1923 after the state was annexed to Austria. The first two commanders were Governor Josef Rauhofer (1923–1929) and Karl Unger (1929–1935). You carried the title according to the association law association chairman . The later state fire brigade commanders were:

  • Karl Unger (1935–1937)
  • Franz Strobl (1937–1938)
  • Heinrich Eigenbauer (1938–1939)

On April 1, 1940, the Burgenland fire brigade command was disbanded and assigned to the Lower Danube.

  • Viktor Horvath Sr. (1945–1961)
  • Ladislaus Widder (1961–1982)
  • Hans Neubauer (1982–1990)
  • Manfred Seidl (1990-2009)
  • Alois Kögl (since 2009)

In 2016, a survey of the fire brigade members was carried out as to whether the commanders should in future be elected from the bottom up and no longer be determined by official bodies as before. As a result, a new fire brigade law was passed, which provides for an election. This law will come into force at the beginning of 2020.


The Carinthian Fire Brigade Association is the oldest regional association in Austria and was founded in 1869 by only eleven fire brigades.

  • Location: Klagenfurt
  • State fire brigade commander: Rudolf Robin

Former state commanders were:

  • Ferdinand Jergitsch (1869–1900)
  • Josef Berger (1900–1910)
  • Chrysant Rainer (1910-1930)
  • Hans Koutnig (1931–1939)
  • Franz-Xaver Kohla (1939–1945)
  • Hans Rogy (1946–1948)
  • Franz-Xaver Kohla (1948–1959)
  • Anton Morak (1959–1968)
  • Peter Gradnitzer (1968–1985)
  • Adolf Oberlercher (1985-2002)
  • Josef Meschik (2002-2016)

Lower Austria

The new location in Tulln
Founding plaque in Baden
  • Location: Tulln on the Danube
  • Structure:
    • 21 fire brigade districts
    • 82 fire brigade sections
  • State fire brigade commander Dietmar Fahrafellner (FF St. Pölten, since 2013)

The former location of the state fire brigade association was, like the seat of the state government, in Vienna's Bankgasse , a side street of Herrengasse . Later the seat in the city of Tulln was in the Minorite monastery. The current location is in the new building in Langenlebarner Straße on the outskirts of Tulln, together with the Lower Austrian Fire Brigade and Security Center .

State fire brigade commanders of Lower Austria

The official print medium has been the monthly Brandaus magazine since 1960 . The predecessors were the announcements of the Lower Austrian Fire Brigade Association , which appeared in 1886.

Upper Austria

  • Location: Linz
  • State fire brigade commander: Robert Mayer (since 2019)

The State Fire Brigade Association of Upper Austria was founded in 1869, the first state fire brigade commander was not appointed until 1873. August Göllerich of the Wels fire department held this position . The district associations did not exist until 1885.

The following list provides an overview of the highest-ranking officials in charge of the fire service in Upper Austria. Although some people were not always referred to as state fire brigade commanders due to political developments, their correct designation can be found in the function designation column.


(associated fire brigade)

Life dates Function designation Term of office
August Göllerich

(FF Wels)

* July 2, 1819

† August 23, 1883

Chairman of the Upper Austria. Fire Brigade Association 1869-1883
Johann Schauer

(FF Wels)

* April 26, 1840

† June 1, 1914

Chairman of the Upper Austria. Fire Brigade Association 1884-1914
Rudolf Lampl

(FF Linz)

* October 11, 1872

† June 26, 1948

Chairman of the Upper Austria. Regional association for fire and rescue services 1914-1926
Fritz Heiserer

(FF Linz)

* June 4, 1887

† January 20, 1960

Chairman of the Upper Austria. Regional association for fire and rescue services 1927-1934
Sepp Pointner

(FF Handenberg)

* April 24, 1870

† September 2, 1962

Landeswehr Leader of Upper Austria. Fire Brigade Association 1934-1939
Ludwig Bergthaller

(FF Wels)

* May 4, 1886

† September 4, 1979

District chief of the fire brigade of Upper Danube 1939-1942
Sepp Klimann * June 2, 1900

† unknown

Lieutenant Colonel of the Security Police 1942-1945
Franz Krajanek * October 30, 1901

† unknown

State fire brigade commander 1945-1948
Otto Kalab

(FF Kirchdorf an der Krems)

* May 21, 1892

† March 8, 1960

State fire brigade commander 1948-1950
Franz Hartl

(FF Gramastetten)

* October 15, 1901

† November 15, 1970

State fire brigade commander 1950-1970
Karl Salcher

(FF Reichraming)

* March 6, 1929

† May 8, 2013

State fire brigade commander February 10, 1971 - October 11, 1991
Johann Huber

(FF Hub, Gde. St. Marienkirchen bei Schärding)

* June 24, 1948 State fire brigade commander October 29, 1991 - May 31, 2011
Wolfgang Kronsteiner

(FF Puchenau)

* June 25, 1955 State fire brigade commander June 1, 2011 - May 29, 2019
Robert Mayer

(FF Schwanenstadt)

* February 4, 1970 State fire brigade commander From May 29, 2019


  • Location: Salzburg
  • State fire brigade commander: Günter Trinker

Former state commanders

  • Julius Haagn (1881-1925)
  • Anton Gaßner (1925–1931)
  • Franz Zauner (1931–1938)
  • Karl Lorenz (1938–1945)
  • Leopold Dachs (1945)
  • Oswald Prack (1945–1953)
  • Johann Stelzinger (1953–1971)
  • Josef Somvi (1972–1978)
  • Harald Ribitsch (1978–1996)
  • Anton Brandauer (1996-2009)
  • Leopold Winter (2009-2019)


State Fire Brigade Association and State Fire Brigade Command Styria in Lebring-Sankt Margarethen

The Styrian Gauverband was founded on March 19, 1870. The headquarters was not originally Graz, as the volunteer fire brigade founded there was not yet independent, but in Bruck an der Mur , where the first state commander, the civil engineer Watzko, was also in command. But already in the following year the seat was moved to the state capital. The new state commander Hueber was already the commander of the Graz fire brigade . With the Anschluss in 1938, the State Fire Brigade Association had to be dissolved. After the war it was not re-established until 1948.

Under state commander Strablegg, the bulletin of the Styrian state fire brigade association was converted into the fire brigade magazine BLAULICHT . In 1992 the headquarters of the association was relocated to Lebring, where the state fire brigade school is also located. In Styria, the district organizations are called area fire brigade associations.

Former state commanders

  • Karl Watzka (1870–1871)
  • Alois Hueber (1871-1918)
  • Theophil Qurin (1918–1938)
  • Ernst Pichler (1938–1939)
  • Hans Malissa (1948–1957)
  • Hans Plass (1957–1959)
  • Edmund Edelsbrunner (1959–1966)
  • Josef Prugger (1966–1976)
  • Karl Strablegg (1976–1996)
  • Georg Ferstl (1996-2000)
  • Bernhard Krugfahrt (2000-2001)
  • Franz Hauptmann (2001-2006)
  • Albert Kern (2006–2018), also President of the ÖBFV


  • Location: Telfs
  • State fire brigade commander: Peter Hölzl (since 2013)
  • State fire brigade commander STV: Hannes Mayr
  • State fire brigade inspector: Alfons Gruber
  • Head of State Fire Brigade School: Georg Waldhart
  • Employees of the state fire brigade association: 32 and 8 people doing community service
  • Structure:
    • 9 districts
    • 44 sections
    • 337 local fire brigades
    • 20 company fire departments
    • 1 professional fire brigade

As of December 31, 2018, the named fire brigades had 30,890 members and 1,647 members of the youth fire brigade.

The Tyrolean State Fire Brigade Association was founded in Lienz in 1872 . The volunteer fire brigades Brixen, Bruneck, Hall, Hopfgarten im Brixental, Innsbruck, Kitzbühel, Kufstein, Lienz, Meran, Rattenberg, Reutte, Schwaz and Zell am Ziller are named as founding members.

State fire brigade commanders since the foundation:

  • Aegid Pegger (1872–1873)
  • Otto Scholz (1873-1889)
  • Alois Epp (1890-1896)
  • Viktor Baron v. Graff (1896-1922)
  • Franz Innerhofer (1923–1936)
  • Josef Sailer (1936–1939)
  • Viktor Freiherr v. Graff (1939-1945)
  • Otto Knitel (1945–1953)
  • Anton Orgler (1953–1968)
  • Karl Glas (1968–1973)
  • Hermann Partl (1973–1993)
  • Reinhold Greuter (1993-2003)
  • Klaus Erler (2003-2013)
  • Peter Hölzl (since 2013)

State fire brigade inspectors since its introduction:

  • Anton Huter (1948–1971)
  • Karl Bair (1971–1989)
  • Willi Gruber (1989-2004)
  • Alfons Gruber (since 2004)


  • Location: Feldkirch -Florianistraße 1
  • State fire brigade inspector: Hubert Vetter
  • Deputy chairman of the association: Andreas Hosp
  • Employees: 21


4 districts
23 sections
120 local fire brigades
28 company fire departments


The state fire brigade association Vorarlberg was founded on an initiative by the Bludenz fire brigade. After the elaborated statutes had been approved by the Lieutenancy in Innsbruck in 1875 under the title "Gauverband der Vorarlberger Feuerwehr" (Gauverband der Vorarlberger Feuerwehr)), the then mayor of Dornbirn , Johann Georg Waibel , was elected the first chairman of the association on July 11, 1875 at the first delegates' meeting . Until the annexation to the Third Reich, the regional association of the Bregenzerwald fire brigades also existed.

Former state fire brigade inspectors were:

  • Viktor Bickel
  • Gebhard Sunday
  • Josef Peter
  • Leonhard Burtscher
  • Josef Mittempergher
  • Erwin Wiederin
  • Willi Gorbach
  • Ulrich Welte


Headquarters at the court
  • Location: Vienna , Am Hof
  • State fire brigade commander: Gerald Hillinger

The Wiener Landesfeuerwehrverband is a relatively young association and was only founded in 1966. In addition to the professional fire brigade, it includes the regional association for company fire brigades , in which all the city's fire brigades are represented, the disaster relief service , the youth fire brigade and the volunteer fire brigades Breitenlee and Süßenbrunn . The Vienna State Fire Brigade Association is organized as an association whose chairman is traditionally the fire director of the Vienna professional fire brigade.

Previous state fire commanders were:

  • Friedrich Perner (1987-2009)


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